Overwatch League’s Philadelphia Fusion’s FU shirts ruled out of bounds

One of a tip teams in a Overwatch League had to fit adult in something other than their elite jersey, after joining managers apparently ruled their their “FU” printed attire strayed a small too tighten to a corner of good taste.

Philadelphia Fusion done a grand finals of a Overwatch Contenders array progressing this weekend, though weren’t wearing their central clothe that designates them as FU, for Fusion University, a unit’s sponsor. The team’s members confirmed to Dot Esports that their threads were strictly verboten. So they wore black shirts yesterday against OpTic Academy yesterday and currently opposite Toronto.

Joe Marsh, a arch financial officer of a Fusion, drily remarkable that a Overwatch League differently has no problems with jersey symbol 69, or a “BAMF’ belt bend that McCree wears in a game, for that matter.

In any case, Philadelphia Fusion rolled to a 4-1 feat currently over Toronto today.

We’ve asked Blizzard what accurately is going on here, and will refurbish if we hear anything back.

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