Overwatch League Team Completes Glorious 0-40 Season, Is Possibly Shittiest Pro Sports Team In World History

Photo: Blizzard

The initial 12 group slots in a Overwatch League cost, reportedly, $20 million each. This was mostly since during slightest a dozen abounding people were peaceful to give that many income to Blizzard, yet was also during slightest in partial to equivocate situations like a ongoing disgrace that is a Miami Marlins, where a cash-poor owners leveraged his approach into control of a authorization and afterwards refused to scrupulously deposit in it. The proof here was this: If we can compensate $20 million usually for a chair during a table, afterwards we can means to build a half-decent roster in a joining where teams occupy usually 7 to 12 players any during a relations pittance.

There are 9 players on a league’s best team’s roster; a joining smallest income is $50,000 and benefits. At a really many a best teams in a joining are spending a integrate million dollars a year on their rosters. What I’m observant here is that being inexpensive alone would not explain a Shanghai Dragons carrying one of a shittiest seasons in a story of veteran sports. But they did, removing swept final night to mercifully finish an 0-40 opening deteriorate in a OWL.

The Process Sixers or any series of Browns or enlargement teams never came remotely tighten to a inlet of shittiness plumbed by a Dragons this year; very few teams anywhere in a universe have. The Dragons went 0-40, sure, yet a opening between them and a rest of veteran Overwatch was even bigger than a 7 wins that a league’s second-worst group picked up.

Overwatch League matches are best-of-five maps, nonetheless if one group wins a initial 3 maps they play a fourth for some foolish reason. The Dragons were 21-141 on maps, for a minus-120 differential on a year. No other group mislaid some-more than 120 maps total. They won 21 maps total; each other group in a joining during slightest doubled that, and three-fourths of a joining tripled it.

My favorite stat, though, is that after firing dual opposite conduct coaches, making some certain additions to a roster, showing transparent improvement, and carrying their two best chances during winning both come in a final 6 weeks of a season, a Dragons finished a deteriorate worse than they started it. They won 6 maps in a season’s initial theatre and 4 in a last.


It contingency have intensely sucked to be scarcely anyone on or concerned with a Dragons this season. They started with an all-Chinese roster, afterwards combined 3 Korean players, including a league’s initial woman—only to have their halt conduct manager acknowledge that he wasn’t permitting a new players to pronounce Korean in a game. (From an interview with a league’s central website: “I’ve told a Korean players to equivocate regulating any Korean in game, since they all need to be regulating Chinese and Chinese usually in a future.”)

They cut one of their best players in late Mar for reasons that were very presumably related to him intrigue on his girlfriend. Okay. Dotesports reported in May that a Dragons had a approach harder use report than anyone else in a league—10:30 in a morning to 10:30 during night, 6 days a week. Two conduct coaches got dismissed in a nine-week duration over this mess. Hopefully everybody still concerned gets to take a mangle now.

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