Overwatch Lead Writer Michael Chu talks writing, lore, and Brigitte …

The gameplay aspect of Overwatch competence be during a forefront of players minds, though a science is truly where a heart of a diversion lies.

With a stream expel of twenty-seven formidable and opposite characters, Overwatch boasts a lot of intensity in a approach of lore. From tiny Easter Eggs on a maps, to cosmetics and voice lines, there is a lot of science to be found within a diversion itself. The comics, charcterised shorts, and additional calm that exist outward of a diversion come out any few months, and any time they do, they supplement some-more abyss to a characters and keep fans of Overwatch wanting more.

We got a possibility to lay down with Overwatch Lead Writer Michael Chu to pronounce about science and storytelling, Overwatch’s many new favourite Brigitte, and what essay for Overwatch is like.

This pronounce was conducted on Saturday, May 19th, 2018 during a Blizzard Arena in Burbank, California before to Michael Chu holding a theatre during halftime to make announcements about a Overwatch Anniversary event.

Chelsey: First of all, appreciate for holding a time to pronounce with me.

Michael: Yeah, no problem.

My initial doubt is what kind of work do we do on a day to day basis, as distant as being a lead author for Overwatch?

I wear lots of opposite hats. There’s a lot of opposite things. we wouldn’t contend that we have a unchanging schedule. But we work a lot with a opposite departments on a team. The designers, and a artists, to pronounce about a heroes we’re making. Also a levels, so we try and yield a story credentials for things and only jam with them so we can come adult with cold ideas. So that’s a lot of a day.

Then we indeed write things any once in a while – essay new discourse for heroes or assisting out with a charcterised shorts and comics. That kind of stuff, or essay calm that will seem on a map. we do some of that and, yeah, I’d contend that’s substantially a crux of it, and infrequently we only lay there and consider about Overwatch. we only consider about a story and try to come adult with ideas.

Yeah. we do a same thing, and one thing that we have gifted with as distant as when we rise characters for my possess writing, is that they tend to change as we consider about them more.

Definitely, definitely.

You start to rise them a tiny bit differently than we primarily thought. Are there any characters in Overwatch that have grown in a final dual years given it launched? Or have they flattering many stayed a approach that we designed them to?

I wouldn’t contend any of a characters had me unequivocally contend “Oh, we only had a totally opposite instruction that we wish to take a impression in.”

But we consider one of a things that has been unequivocally fun with some of these characters is when we’ve had skeleton for doing things with them. Now that we’ve had some time, and we’ve means to recover some stories, we’ve been means to indeed lift a characters in that direction. So one that springs immediately to mind is Reaper.

When we initial expelled him he was very, we know, “oh he’s a man wearing all black, unequivocally serious, unequivocally thespian bad guy,” and we consider as we’ve been means to tell some-more Overwatch stories, we’ve been means to get into that impression more. That’s unequivocally been enjoyable.

It seems like a fans generally – as distant as Reaper is endangered – they adore him. we feel there’s a integrate of them that a Overwatch fanbase unequivocally love.

Oh yes, definitely, yes. we consider all of a heroes have their possess dedicated fanbases.

Out of all a heroes, that hero’s science do have a many fun operative with?

Hm, we know, honestly, this is going to sound stupid though it’s whichever one I’m operative on during a time. Because we only arrange of have to be means to do that. One thing that we tend to do is we tell stories formed on what we’re vehement about. So generally a stories that are going to get a attention, those characters get a attention, ends adult being a one that is sparkling or engaging to us during a time.

Recently we know – this isn’t one impression – though we had a lot of fun operative on Retribution. One of a good things about removing to do events like that is we see all these characters in diversion and we get glimpses into them. They competence uncover adult in a brief or in a comic and we get a tiny bit more. But that’s a postulated bit of calm where we can see how a characters interact.

So my favorite thing was this suspicion of “who is Blackwatch?” And these 4 characters are in them, and afterwards being means to finally go like, “and this is what they’re like when they’re on a mission.”

I adore that. we know it wasn’t a full-blown charcterised short, though that was only unequivocally cold since we adore Blackwatch. we consider it’s so fascinating.

Yeah, and essay Moira too for that. She’s one of my favorite characters to write.

Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

She’s so sassy. And vocalization of a Retribution event, and a Uprising eventuality – they concentration some-more on past Overwatch missions. we consider it was 8 years ago those were going on, before a stream timeline. Are there any skeleton to go over what a heroes are adult to now?

Yeah we’re unequivocally meddlesome in doing that. Obviously a final dual events have focused some-more on a past. When we demeanour during a Overwatch universe, we unequivocally demeanour during a whole timeline from a Omnic predicament to a benefaction day, and so we’ve been bouncing around with where a stories are.

We’re unequivocally meddlesome in revelation stories that are closer to a benefaction day. But we’re expected to also still do some stories that uncover a past. There’s only a lot of engaging things. Like we pronounced earlier, we like to concentration on a stories we consider are a many interesting, excite us, and exhibit something about a character.

And so for Brigitte, she’s kind of been in a science for a while.


Even before she was introduced in a game, since she was in that comic with Reinhardt and afterwards in a short, and afterwards of march in a Christmas comic she’s in a background.


Can we pronounce a tiny bit about a impulse behind her and how she fits into a game?

She has a special place for me since she’s one of a initial characters that we had a palm in creatively formulating when we started operative on Overwatch, when we started operative on a Overwatch group a prolonged time ago. It was indeed when Chris Metzen, a former artistic director, and we were articulate about a story of Reinhardt and we were perplexing to puncture it out. And we infrequently pronounce about Reinhardt carrying a tiny bit of that like, Don Quixote in him. So we was like, it would be overwhelming if he has this squire who follows him around on adventures. Fixes his armor, tries to keep him from doing absurd things – that is flattering many a full time job, and so from there this impression of Brigitte came about.

Brigitte as Torbjörn’s daughter who’s arrange of been entrusted to take caring of this man that everybody loves, and to literally be his squire. So that’s where she came from, and since that impression has existed in a conduct for so long. Whenever we have an event where everyone’s like “hey we consternation if we could do this;” that’s how she arrange of sneaks into a comics and afterwards we suspicion it’d be unequivocally good to see her in a charcterised short. You know, to see that attribute with Reinhardt.

Then when we started articulate about favourite designs, and they had this suspicion for kind of a healing, armored impression and we was like, good we do have this impression and we consider she’d be a good fit. So we motionless to go with it.

She’s unequivocally apropos one of my favorites now. Just since we adore all she stands for in that tiny shave that came out before she was released.

She highlights one of my favorite things about a Overwatch characters expel and story. Which is this suspicion of like, a generational inlet of it. Like you’ve got a strange heroes, and afterwards we have a new generation, and Brigitte is arrange of a new era of heroes. But she crosses over with a comparison era in a unequivocally engaging way. We unequivocally like revelation stories about these opposite bands of characters.

Yeah, it’s even engaging with Ana and afterwards Pharah, who have that attribute opposite dual opposite generations. That is engaging to have that couple between a two.

Do we have any tips for anyone who is struggling with impression origination or looking to get impulse as distant as that goes?

I consider when we are formulating characters, we’re unequivocally propitious to be operative on a large team. Lots of people are means to beget lots of ideas, and so there are lots of springboards there to come adult with characters. So in that way, it creates life easier for us. But looking in opposite places for impulse is important.

You never know what chronological thing or even some cocktail enlightenment thing will enthuse you. You could lift tiny elements from things. we consider we never know where a impulse will come from.

Out of all of a heroes that one would we slightest wish to be stranded in an conveyor with?

There’s a lot of useful ones that could get me out of a elevator. we think, okay, we consider it would be Reaper. Because we consider we’d mount there for a tiny while, and it’d be kinda like, “well, this isn’t doing anything,” “Hm, yeah.”

I’d substantially eventually try and start to make tiny pronounce with him. So like, “I see we like black, that’s cool.” Weird color, good costume, and he’d only omit me. I’d feel unequivocally ungainly and afterwards we have a feeling eventually he’d only shade step out, and I’d be stranded in a conveyor by myself.

Completely all by yourself.

So yeah, we consider I’d rather not be stranded with him.

I don’t consider we would either. Thank we so many for holding a time.It was my pleasure.

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