‘Overwatch’ Is Pornhub’s #11 Search Term Of 2016, Ya Filthy Animals

According to Pornhub’s endless 2016 end-of-year report, Overwatch is a #11 most-searched tenure on Pornhub worldwide and creates a tip 10 in some-more than a few countries. A few of Overwatch‘s poetic ladies, such as Tracer and Mercy, also seem in a list of tip video diversion characters people hunt for.

“Well famous for a quick movement and sincerely sexualized characters, a diversion fast became a theme of hundreds of anticipation porn parodies and reverence videos,” states a post, that points out that “Overwatch” had a biggest hunt magnitude boost of any tenure (up 452 spots given 2015). That creates sense, given Overwatch usually came out in May of this year.

6-pornhub-insights-2016-year-review-game-overwatch Overwatch’s hunt recognition in 2016. (c) Pornhub

tracer butt Tracer doing her thing Blizzard

The post also quotes a author of The Sex Bible for People Over 50 , Dr. Laurie Betito:

“It appears that a trend is relocating some-more toward anticipation than reality. ‘Generic’ porn is being transposed with anticipation specific or unfolding specific scenes. Is this as a outcome of dullness or curiosity? One thing is certain; a standard ‘in-out, in-out’ no longer satisfies a masses, who are clearly looking for something different.”

Overwatch “is among a tip gaining searches for 18–24 year olds (+833%), substantially given they are a ones many expected to be personification (or meddlesome in) a game,” a post explains.

“Overwatch” done #7 in Australia’s many searched-for terms. It was #1 in Brazil (where Pokemon was #4 – gross, Brazil). Interestingly enough, “Overwatch” was also #1 in Russia, where a many new Overwatch comic divulgence Tracer’s non-heterosexuality was not published for fear of channel Russia’s anti-homosexuality laws. “Overwatch” came in #3 in Spain.

“Since May 5th, when Overwatch entered open beta, searches on Pornhub for ‘overwatch’ have been increasing. On May 9th, only a few brief days after a release, searches containing ‘overwatch’ went adult by 321%. After May 9th, we see a delayed down in these searches, though they collect right behind adult around a 24th of May, when Blizzard Entertainment expelled a central version. The expansion in searches containing ‘Overwatch’ appearance on May 29th during +447%, and have remained absolutely above normal since,” states a post.

Overwatch characters also dominated a list of video diversion characters searched for on Pornhub.

6-pornhub-insights-2016-year-review-character-game-searches Pornhub’s list of tip video diversion characters searched for in 2016. (c) Pornhub

“Although Lara Croft remained on tip with tighten to 2.5 million searches overall, Sombra- Overwatch ’s latest voluptuous hero, gifted a largest rise boost in searches on Nov 8th during +597%. While Tracer (another Overwatch hero) followed really tighten behind Lara Croft in terms of series of searches,” states a post.

This isn’t a initial time Overwatch ’s porn recognition has done waves; even bundled-up Mei in her massive parka has done folks prohibited underneath a collar.

Are we one of a many who’ve snuck a hiding “Overwatch” into a Pornhub hunt bar? we don’t wish to hear anything about it, so let’s speak about baby birds and rainbows in a comments territory below.  

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