Overwatch is carrying another giveaway weekend

Blizzard Entertainment will reason a free weekend for Overwatch after this month, vouchsafing anyone who owns a PlayStation 4, Windows PC or Xbox One try out a colorful team-based shooter.

Overwatch’s latest giveaway weekend — Blizzard’s finished this a few times before — kicks off strictly on Friday, Nov. 17 during 11 a.m. PT and runs by Monday, Nov. 20 during 11:59 p.m. PT. A hearing chronicle will be accessible for download on consoles. Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus subscriptions are compulsory to play on Xbox One or PS4 during a giveaway weekend. PC players will need a Blizzard Battle.net app.

The giveaway weekend for Overwatch will embody all 26 playable characters and 16 maps. Players will be means to take partial in Quick Play, Custom Games, a Arcade and Loot Boxes, though no Competitive games, apparently. Progress done during a giveaway weekend will lift over to a sell chronicle of a diversion for those who squeeze it.

If Overwatch’s latest giveaway weekend convinces we to finally collect a diversion up, retailers like Best Buy, Target and Walmart will have a console versions on sale for $29.99 during Black Friday 2017 sales.

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