‘Overwatch’ Is Finally Teasing The Imminent Arrival Of Doomfist, Revealed As Akande Ogundimu



It competence have been mostly ignored in a US interjection to a Fourth of Jul holiday, yet yesterday, Blizzard motionless it was time to start talking plainly about Overwatch’s arch-villain Doomfist for a initial time in a good prolonged while.

They expelled a new “lore” teaser, a form of that customarily precedes a introduction of a new favourite to a game, or some other vital change entrance to Overwatch. In this case, it’s a minute comment of a dermatitis of Doomfist from a Helix jail trickery with a assistance of Reaper and other Talon agents, presumably Sombra and Widowmaker. It’s also a initial time we’ve listened a character’s tangible name: Akande Ogundimu.

Doomfist has referred to a few opposite mean total in a Overwatch star over time, during slightest dual other group with large energy interjection to an barbarous gauntlet we saw in a really initial teaser for a game, and a gauntlet also rests inside a cargo in Numbani. But this is a many fact we’ve gotten about a stream temperament and standing of a benefaction day Doomfist, and a import is that he competence be creation his approach into Overwatch itself really soon.

This new information is doing zero to remonstrate me that actor Terry Crews isn’t presumably voicing Doomfist, that initial began as a fan campaign, afterwards grew to a indicate where Crews himself was lobbying for a role, and he eventually finished adult visiting Blizzard itself. While we don’t know if Crews got a part, a exhibit of “Akande Ogundimu,” as Doomfist’s genuine name creates it transparent he’s African, that is approaching given that a final dual Doomfists were as well. Crews is American, of course, yet has finished an African accent in during slightest one film, Blended. Crews is also one of a many musclebound actors in Hollywood, creation him demeanour like a prior Doomfists to an roughly supernatural degree, yet it’s frequency a deserving for voice actors to resemble their in-game characters in genuine life, generally in a some-more cartoony diversion like this one. So far, Overwatch has directed divided from “celebrity” voice behaving for a many part, so Crews would be a depart in that regard, yet I’m pulling for him.

Terry Crews/Facebook

Our fanciful Doomfist voice actor, Terry Crews

The timing of this Doomfist provoke is a bit odd, given that we still have not listened most else given a last provoke that seemed like it was for a intensity new favourite (or villain) in Overwatch, Hammond, an intelligent chimp/ape that transient Winston’s moon bottom facility. We got a lunar cluster map, yet we have not listened anything else about Hammond himself, and it stays misleading when he competence arrive, or if Doomfist competence indeed finish adult being expelled first. It seems some-more expected to me that Doomfist competence still be serve off, given that he’s so critical to a universe of Overwatch that this provoke competence only be about ubiquitous stream events rather than a champion being revealed/released in a subsequent month. But Overwatch is good over a year aged during this point, and it’s starting to get a bit bizarre that a biggest knave is nowhere to be found solely in science snippets.

Also of note in this Blizzard-produced faux-news essay is a fast glossed-over thought that other prisoners competence have been liberated in this breakout. Currently Overwatch enjoys an overabundance of heroes, namely former members of a Overwatch team, yet is lacking in a knave department, and Blizzard competence be looking to redress that with not only Hammond and Doomfist, yet others as well.

We will have to wait and see if Blizzard continues to spin adult a feverishness in courtesy to Doomfist, if they switch behind to Hammond, or if something else altogether is going on. But now we know his name and his final famous location. The attainment of Doomfist positively feels like it’s now about to occur earlier rather than later.

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