Overwatch is dropping a Avoid This Player option

Overwatch‘s “Avoid This Player” matchmaking underline will shortly be disabled, executive Jeff Kaplan pronounced on the Battle.net forums. In a extensive post on a matchmaker’s complexities, Kaplan suggested that a underline will be dumped as a group continues to urge a system.

“Avoid This Player” is an choice that prevents users from being matched adult with other players they’d rather not contest against. Despite Blizzard Entertainment’s good intentions for a feature, many have complained that it doesn’t work a approach it’s meant to.

Kaplan cited one sold instance of a duty not operative as it should have. “One of the best Widowmaker players in a universe complained to us about prolonged reserve times,” he said. “We looked into it and found that hundreds of other players had avoided him (he’s a good man — they avoided him given they did not wish to play opposite him, not given of misbehavior).”

As a result, it took ages for a actor to find a match, and those he faced off opposite were of a distant reduce ability level. Based on this experience, Kaplan wrote, a complement will be infirm in an arriving patch.

This is only one of several “silent patches” Blizzard has forsaken given Overwatch launched, as a developer continues to tweak matchmaking. Those who don’t utterly have a grasp on how it all works should check out Kaplan’s full post, where he explains a system’s biggest considerations, as good as some of the other failings — not all of that are in Blizzard’s finish control.

“I wish to put it out there that there is a lot of room for alleviation though also advise that there are army in play that means some satisfactory matches to lean unilateral due to army out of the control,” Kaplan wrote. “The diversion is as most (if not more) art than it is science. We’ll keep operative to make it better!”

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