Overwatch Fans Have Turned Tracer Into A Completely Different Character

A vital partial of Overwatch’s interest is impression personality, yet not since they’re superfluous with it, per se. Overwatch’s characters are colorful vessels for players to inhabit, foundations on that to build. Blizzard gives us their motivation, a bit of backstory, and some banter, yet players’ imaginations are meant to do a complicated lifting. Unsurprisingly, Overwatch fans shake out art, fan fiction, videos, and of course, porn like their lives count on it.

Tracer is an generally engaging box in that she’s some-more or reduction Overwatch’s mascot. She’s everywhere: in ads and CG videos, on a game’s cover, in a walls, right behind you, removing closer, left again. She’s eager and fun, yet also bold and badass.

In formulating their possess works involving Tracer, fans have incited those characteristics adult to 11. Some etch her as childlike, genuine and carefree. She can even be kind of a doof, a punchline. Others are spooky with her adversary with Widowmaker. You competence (NOT) be astounded to hear that a shitload of people boat them. And afterwards of course, there is The Butt (TM). In that respect, Tracer is Overwatch’s many distinguished instance of Blizzard and fans’ visions diverging.


Among all a fan interpretations, though, there are transparent trends that emerge, pieces and pieces that turn broadly supposed to a indicate of combining their possess arrange of sub-canon. Let’s have a closer demeanour during Blizzard’s criterion and fans’, well, fanon.

Blizzard’s chronicle of Tracer

Tracer is 26, and her genuine name is Lena Oxton. She’s from London, England and was partial of a drastic Overwatch classification until Shit Went Down. She was picked to exam a teleporting aircraft, yet it malfunctioned, promulgation Tracer spiraling out of a space-time continuum. Fortunately, Overwatch’s possess Deus Ex Monkeyna Winston invented a device that firm Tracer to this existence and gave her cold time-warping powers. Now she fights to right wrongs and provoke a crap out of Reinhardt players.


In-game, she’s decorated as roughly irrepressibly cheerful. She’s constantly shouting and quipping. She’ll even chaff with herself if there are dual Tracers on a same group in a match, wondering aloud if her chronal accelerator is malfunctioning. “I was wondering a same thing,” says a other Tracer in reply. “Whoa, spooky!”

Video pleasantness of FailCraft.

Tracer is best friends with Winston since he, we know, saved her life. They’re a team, and they run operations together while sarcastic about bananas and peanut butter. Tracer’s nemesis, meanwhile, is Widowmaker, a energetic that played out in both Overwatch’s proclamation cinematic and a new brief movie, “Alive.”


In a latter video, Widowmaker could’ve killed Tracer during a end, yet she opted to travel divided instead. HMMMMM. This brings us to a fan apportionment of a proceedings.

Image by Robopon003.

Fans’ chronicle of Tracer

While each fan interpretation of Tracer is a small bit different, there’s unequivocally a arrange of coherence that forms a bedrock. Depending on who we ask, Tracer is…

Deeper than you’d expect

Tracer customarily acts all happy-go-lucky, yet she’s been by some shit. People have taken to essay brief stories about how that’s influenced her.

Also value noting: A lot of people—especially in fan fiction-focused communities—refer to Tracer and other characters by their genuine names rather than their call signs. Tracer is Lena, Widowmaker is Amélie, etc. It’s all unequivocally intimate, like people are articulate about their friends, or people they unequivocally want to be friends with.


Just since Tracer is fun and stupid doesn’t meant she can’t also be badass when a pressure’s on.

But also a slapstick amusement punchline

She is, however, kind of a doof, and some of a best Overwatch fan creations play that for laughs.

Madly in adore with Widowmaker

There’s approach some-more fan art/stories involving Tracer and Widowmaker than Tracer and Winston, notwithstanding how tighten Tracer and Winston apparently are. People only aren’t as meddlesome in that relationship—with a relations miss of danger, uncertainty, and intrigue—as they are Tracer and Widowmaker.

Kinda childish

It’s engaging how, in some circles, Tracer is portrayed roughly literally as a child (with Soldier 76 behaving as The OverDad), while in others she’s Overwatch’s Fuckmaster General. It’s been… differing leaping behind and onward between those perspectives, to contend a least—especially when porn enters a picture. Even when some-more Adult matters take core stage, however, Tracer tends to be decorated as possibly lovable and kind, mischievous, or submissive. we don’t cruise I’ve ever seen her as, like, a femme fatale or a dominatrix. It’d only seem weird, we know?



Traces of a buttroversy linger. People still anxiety it from time-to-time, and apparently there’s no necessity of fan art (and porn) focused on Tracer’s plenty booty. It’s a bit bizarre to cruise how most that moment—perhaps some-more than any—defined Tracer’s impression for both Blizzard and fans, despite infrequently in opposite ways. Blizzard motionless she’s witty above all else, and even when fans select to etch her doing sincerely voluptuous things, that seems to reason true.

Maybe a dog???

People put a lot of suspicion into this, apparently. Tracer’s also been decorated as a cat.


Anything we missed? Or do we wish to share your possess take on Tracer, be it brief fiction, art, a video, or anything else? Let me know below.

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