Overwatch fandom ruled Tumblr over a final year

Overwatch has been a massively renouned diversion given it launched a year ago. That’s celebration since it’s a well designed, firmly discriminating team-based shooter, though also for a impossibly different expel of characters that have spawned a outrageous enlightenment of art, comics, fan-fiction, cosplay, boat wars, and more. Today, Tumblr’s Fandometrics blog quantified only how large a village that has sprung adult around Overwatch is. And, unsurprisingly, it’s really big.

How big? According to Amanda Brennan, who runs Fandometrics, in a final 358 days, a #overwatch hashtag on Tumblr has seen “nearly 150 million engagements,” creation it a second many used tab on a site. Overwatch on Tumblr, by numbers alone, is some-more renouned than any TV series, movie, actor, character, or even distant some-more general tags, like #gif or #art.

Overwatch has some-more or reduction hold a many renouned video diversion arrange on a site by Fandometrics’ magnitude for a final year, with a difference of a few weeks in a summer of 2016 when it was quickly defeated by Pokémon Go.

But a outrageous numbers of people enchanting with Overwatch calm speaks to a implausible work in authorization growth from Blizzard. Overwatch doesn’t even have a normal story mode or debate to tell a characters’ stories. But formed on a franchise’s supplemental element (comics, video shorts, and in-game clues), fans have embraced a heroes of Overwatch.

Part of that is due to a change Blizzard has struck here, giving players a expel of entirely fleshed out characters to play with, though withdrawal things deceptive adequate that there’s room for fans to tell their possess stories.

At any rate, with a solid season of new calm that Blizzard has been doling out for Overwatch, it’s expected that a village will still continue going clever for years to come.

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