Overwatch fan recreates Doomfist in Minecraft with all his abilities and it’s incredible

Overwatch’s newest favourite is already pummeling polygons in another game.

Minecraft has a dedicated village of players building out Overwatch in a block-based world. So it’s no warn to see that one of them has already finished a Doomfist.

It customarily took Minecraft creator McMakistein one week to indication a new Overwatch favourite and reconstruct his abilities in a diversion regulating some-more than 400 Minecraft authority blocks. “The initial thing in my routine is always creation a models,” McMakistein said on Reddit. “Once they’re done, we afterwards module a regulating animation and only a visible coming in general.”

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The abilities get combined one-by-one after that. He’s means to get it all finished so fast since favourite mechanics are customarily flattering similar, so he’s means to reuse formula from comparison characters. Doomfist in Minecraft has all a same abilities as he does in Overwatch—Hand Canon, Seismic Slam, Rocket Punch, Rising Uppercut, and ultimate ability Meteor Strike.

Like with in Overwatch, your ultimate ability scale needs to be filled adult to 100 percent to use it. The best part, though? You can import Doomfist into your possess diversion regulating McMakistein’s work. The authority is accessible on his site. The video explains how to get all to work.

Gif around [McMakistein](https://mcmakistein.com/creations/overwatch_doomfist)

He’s also uploaded other heroes, like Genji, Hanzo, and Tracer, though it’s doubtful we’ll be means to see dual teams of 6 in movement on a Minecraft-based Overwatch map.

“It’s not probable with a scale I’m creation these characters at,” McMakistein said. “Even one impression produces a substantial volume of lag. Having 12 opposite characters active during once would kill a user’s computer.”

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