Overwatch fan-made Cairo map catches Jeff Kaplan’s eye

This Cairo-inspired map, pleasantness of Overwatch fan and educated 3D artist Joshua Llorente, is so good that it’s held a courtesy of diversion executive Jeff Kaplan. The cargo map is done in Unreal Engine 4, and it looks stunning. The reduction of far-future skylines and Egyptian pillars is true out a Blizzard playbook.

Llorente primarily posted art from a map on Reddit final week, to which Jeff Kaplan said: “Amazing work! We’ll be in touch.” Today, Llorente common an tangible on-foot walkthrough of a map (which we can see above), and it arguably looks even improved from a belligerent than it does from a air.

I adore a approach a light reflects off a domed rooftops. The design is unchanging throughout, and a soothing edges meant it wouldn’t demeanour out of place in Blizzard’s map rotation.

Arguably, it’s reduction focused than an Overwatch map should be, generally a cargo map: there’s some-more passageways than we can keep lane of. If a Blizzard group ever wanted to do something off a behind of it (and Kaplan’s criticism advise they during slightest wish to speak to Llorente about his work), afterwards they’d substantially demeanour during tightening up. But visually, it’s pristine Overwatch.

Below is a initial video Llorente posted of a map, and we can click here for some-more high-quality screenshots.

It’s distant from a initial Overwatch-inspired map Llorente has made. You can demeanour by a rest of his considerable portfolio here—his Favela map is my personal favourite.

Cheers, PCGamesN.

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