Overwatch Fan Dreams Up A Better Play Of The Game System

As we’ve forked out on a couple occasions, Overwatch’s Play Of The Game feature, while glorious in concept, is kinda borked. It tends to concentration on multi-kills or a occasional ult denial, as against to clever group play, critical supports, or truly tide-turning moments. One fan took a moment during creation something better.

Inspired by a Rock Paper Shotgun article suggesting that POTGs concentration on mixed players during once (thus permitting for some-more importance on teamwork), TesterGoneWild finished a convincing video ridicule up:


It’s a classical combo: Zarya’s ult sucks everybody in, and Pharah’s blows them to pieces. As potrayed here, both players get credit, and a prominence swaps perspectives as needed. In a stream system, usually Pharah would’ve gotten POTG, and Zarya’s poignant grant would’ve been quickly forgotten.

Of course, if upgrading a complement was this simple, we suppose Blizzard would’ve already finished it. POTGs are motionless by an algorithm, and fine-tuning it so it picks adult on these moments and their stress while also rightly allocating credit to mixed players usually qualifies as a travel in a park if we cruise a aspect of a object a park.


Still, it’s a neat idea, and we wish Blizzard’s holding notes. They’ve pronounced on mixed occasions that they’re operative to urge a system, though these things take time. we wish them a best of luck. They’ve got an ascending conflict (with an avalanche of Winstons erupting from a top) forward of them.

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