Overwatch Dataminers Uncover New Music Files Relating to …

Reddit pyth0nix has uploaded new datamined audiofiles from the Overwatch PTR, and from a sounds of it, they are associated to a Doomfist/summer calm initial incidentally hinted during with a Patch 1.13 pile-up logs.

Here, we have an intensely thespian opening theme:

And here we have something that might be partial of a loading music.

The evident clarity was that this didn’t seem like a arrange of song you’d bucket for an Olympic-style summer games — and there might be a reason for that. 

The Gladiator and Arena soundfiles were creatively datamined with a Anniversary content, though had not nonetheless seen doing in a game. This along with what we know about Doomfist’s motivations — that he is driven to building tellurian strength around dispute — suggests heavily that a upcoming Overwatch Brawl mode will be centered around a new hero. A gladiator mode afterwards creates ideal sense, wise with a Talon council-leader’s ideals.

We do know, interjection to Redditor Zenofy, that Doomfist will be partial of a ubiquitous Summer Games refurbish — including a prevalent sprays, skins, and other cosmetics. And a Olympics does have a series of martial humanities to a name. Perhaps now that everybody’s some form of cyborg ninja or hyperintelligent ape, Doomfist is meditative of contesting for bullion medals again — sports ones, not a ones he gets for dunking a rivalry group regularly in a diversion itself.

The day of Doomfist’s attainment is not too distant off. Based on a preview video expelled final week, we know that a Talon anti-hero is due to arrive in Overwatch‘s live servers on Thursday, Jul 27 — this week, in fact. He promises to move a power of struggle and dispute adult tighten and personal — literally, given that his whole pack is meant for up-close m�lange play.

You best be prepared with McCree’s softened Flashbang when he closes in on your next Overwatch round.

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