Overwatch as a turn-based RPG is surprisingly tense

Overwatch is a fast-paced multiplayer shooter — though what if it were a turn-based event in a character of old-school Japanese role-playing games like a 16-bit Final Fantasy titles?

We now know a answer to that question, pleasantness of a YouTube channel The Salt Factory. This six-minute video sends a fearsome foursome — McCree (level 21 Sharpshooter), Reinhardt (level 22 Warrior), Mercy (level 22 White Mage) and Bastion (level 20 Robot) — to Route 66, where a cowboy with a “BAMF” belt bend runs into a pointless conflict with Roadhog.

Reimagining Overwatch as a diversion with an Active Time Battle complement isn’t a wackiest thing one could do. The characters have to wait for a set volume of time between moves, that is equivalent to a approach Overwatch handles cooldowns. And a synergy between teammates, like Mercy buffing her comrades, works only as good in a context of celebration members functioning as a team.

Having pronounced all that, we play Roadhog a lot, and we’re flattering certain that a Bastion in turret form would make discerning work of a “one-man apocalypse.”

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