Overwatch Art from SDCC Suggests a Zarya vs Sombra Comic In a Works

Russian Overwatch favourite Zarya is infamously anti-Omnic — but, from a looks of it, even her doubt and warning has limits. The Overwatch group during San Diego Comic-Con apparently let trip a preview of something new in store for a game’s lore: that of an arriving showdown between Zarya and Talon as tensions once again light adult between humans and AI.

Zarya’s strife opposite Sombra was telegraphed all a approach behind during a latter’s introduction to a game, of course, nearby a finish of Talon’s differently unsuccessful goal in Russia. Talon’s attempted assassination on Chairwoman Katya Volskaya, finished during a insistence of Doomfist’s domestic rivals within a organization, was deliberately aborted by Sombra herself — her attempts during creation “friends” with one of Russia’s inaugural leaders in industry, as it were. But Volskaya, it seems, doesn’t quite like being blackmailed, calling in a internal hero for an as-yet uncertain purpose.

Volskaya: Do we know because we are here?

Zarya: we trust we do.

Given that Volskaya was held by Sombra creation deals with Omnics to furnish anti-Omnic mechs for Russian defense, it suggests all sorts of domestic amour is using in a background, eccentric of even a strife between the Overwatch peacekeepers and Talon warmongers. It could, of course, be wholly probable that Sombra’s using her possess diversion in this instance, eccentric of her favoured allies.

Either way, with Doomfist rising on Jul 27, it’s distant too shortly for this comic to indeed come out (unless the Overwatch group has motionless to step adult a story schedule, of course). That doesn’t indispensably meant we have to wait all a approach until Blizzcon, though. Jeff Kaplan, behind during the Anniversary event last month, betrothed new calm drops once a month for a rest of a year. 

Speaking of which: for those sleepy of having a gorilla on their backs, the subsequent patch isn’t only a Doomfist-related content. Zarya herself gets a poignant in-game clean too, locking down dashers with her now-inescapable Graviton Surge. A Russian winter approaches for a Overwatch dive meta.

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