Overwatch APEX Season 4: Group theatre winds down with discerning matchups

Silicon Valley meets Overwatch: QA with Kevin Chou

From co-founding Kabam to appropriation one of a best Overwatch teams in a world, Kevin Chou is formulation to move his knowledge in Silicon Valley to esports.

The final few organisation theatre matches for OGN Overwatch APEX Season 4 didn’t change a standings much, yet a games were critical for teams anticipating to try new things out or keep annals and momentum.

Flash Lux mislaid nonetheless another set during APEX to Kongdoo Panthera, and ROX Orcas was incompetent to take a set off of LuxuryWatch Red.

Kongdoo Panthera vs. Flash Lux

  • Map 1: Lijiang Tower (Assault)

  • Map 2: Hollywood (Assault/Escort)

  • Map 3: Hanamura (Assault)

  • Map 4: Route 66 (Escort)

In 6 months of veteran APEX play, Flash Lux finally make it out with during slightest a singular map feat on Lijiang Tower. Having left months yet a singular win, Kim “Fleta” Byung-Sun finally carried Flash Lux to feat with conspicuous Pharah and Doomfist play. To be satisfactory to Kongdoo Panthera, a group played yet Kim “Rascal” Dong-jun on a categorical lineup this time, and he’s a categorical shotcaller. It explains because Kongdoo’s offense was a small unsure during first, yet after Lijiang Tower, Kongdoo began to demeanour like a correct group again.

Hollywood was a widespread feat for Kongdoo. The patrol hold Flash Lux to usually one point. Even then, Flash Lux roughly didn’t even get past a initial step; Fleta’s Pharah carried his teammates past a initial indicate and into a streets phase. Kongdoo had no such struggles on offense and detonate by a Flash Lux defense.

The measure evened out during 1-1, Kongdoo stole any movement Flash Lux had from Lijiang Tower and returned it two-fold by holding points A and B on Hanamura with 6 mins remaining, on tip of full holding them to a initial point. After that, Route 66 was simply a repeat of Hollywood, with a good offense and a stellar defense.

LW Red vs. ROX Orcas

  • Map 1: Lijiang Tower (Control)

  • Map 2: Eichenwalde (Assault/Escort)

  • Map 3: Volskaya Industries (Assault)

  • Map 4 (Tiebreaker): Nepal (Control)

  • Map 5: Dorado (Escort)

Despite not winning any sets this season, ROX Orcas stays one of a some-more earnest teams that, due to a deficiency of unfamiliar invitees, auto-qualified into APEX Season 4. While LW Red were definitively a improved group overall, ROX had a decent bargain of a possess strengths as it attempted to win maps. Lijiang Tower went to a full 3 rounds, and Eichenwald, yet some-more one-sided, still wasn’t as severe as some of ROX’s other matches this season.

The warn map here was Volskaya Industries, where ROX and LW Red came to a tie in a timebank stage, forcing a tie-breaker on Nepal. There, Kwon “Striker” Nam-joo pulled out a feat for ROX Orcas by zipping around on Tracer. A intensity red dwindle debility for LW Red could be in traffic with rivalry Tracers assaulting a backline, so that’s something it’ll have to work on for a turn of 8 theatre of APEX.

Either way, Dorado became a repeat of Eichenwalde with ROX being hold to usually one indicate and LW Red being means to transcend a pull with a notation left on a clock.

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