Overwatch, A Game About Teamwork, Is Getting A Free-For-All Deathmatch Mode

For a longest time, Blizzard has been staunchly opposite a thought of deathmatch modes in Overwatch. It’s a diversion about teamwork and objectives, after all. Deathmatch has a approach of drastically de-prioritizing both of those things. Now, though, a dev group has had a change of heart.

In a new video, Jeff “From The Overwatch Team, Just To Be Sure You Don’t Think I’m From Any Other Teams” Kaplan announced that Overwatch is adding riot and team-based deathmatch modes to a game’s Arcade. He concurred that he once pronounced deathmatch would “never” come to a game, though pronounced a Arcade, that was combined to a diversion late final year, has proven to be a game-changer. “The coolest partial of a Arcade,” he explained, “is that it’s non-stop adult a ability to as developers to deliver diversion modes to we guys that we wouldn’t routinely feel gentle putting in a quick-play or rival rotation.”

The core mode will be a riot deathmatch where 8 players face-off in a conflict presumably to establish whose ‘ships are canon. All you’ve gotta worry about is eliminations. In an engaging wrinkle, we don’t have to come in initial to acquire a “win” toward your weekly subsidy of Arcade rob boxes. Rather, you’ve only gotta be in a tip half of players in a match.


Deathmatch will use a array of mutated versions of maps that are already in a diversion as good as a code new one: Chateau Guillard. It’s a wise (?) place to horde a deathmatch, since it used to be Widowmaker’s home before her father kicked a bucket. We’ll get to learn some-more about her backstory while defiling any remaining good memories she had of a place with even some-more bloodshed. Fun!

Here’s a discerning demeanour during a new map, pleasantness of Overwatch Central:

There’ll also be a group deathmatch choice where dual teams of 6 rush to get 30 kills. Kaplan pronounced Mercy’s resurrects will take divided kill credits from a other team, that sounds heinously frustrating and fundamentally creates Mercy a compulsory pick. I’ll substantially drive transparent until Blizzard realizes this is idea, while engaging on paper, is intensely bad.


You can try out Overwatch’s new deathmatch options on a PC open exam area right now.

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