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One of a good beauties of art is how ductile it is. For some, a good work of art is a Mona Lisa. For others, it is a design of Frank Lloyd Wright. For others still, it is a song of Garth Brooks. Love, admiration, and appreciation are biased traits that we pertain to mediums that pronounce to a souls, to a personal and inherited aspects of a possess tastes. It’s because some people venerate regretful comedies and because we here during Dread Central venerate fear (although we too can venerate a good rom-com).

In a universe of paintings, there’s such a far-reaching accumulation of styles that we’re means to suffer those styles that torment a imagination. Personally, I’ve always desired art that is darker and some-more muted. It’s because one of my favorite paintings is Henry Fuseli’s “The Nightmare” and because many of Picasso’s work, yet implausible in a possess way, doesn’t unequivocally do many for me. It’s because we venerate Hieronymus Bosch’s “The Garden of Earthly Delights” and feel zero when we see Lisa Frank intoxicated on propagandize folders. When it comes to paintings that have interest to fear fans, there might not be a portrayal some-more suitable than Francisco Goya’s early 19th century square “Saturn Devouring His Son”.

One of Goya’s 14 “black paintings”, a array of works that he embellished onto a walls of his Spanish villa in his twilight years, “Saturn Devouring His Son” is a terrifying image, one that shows a Titan Chronos feasting on a strength of one of his children with a demeanour of unsound frenzy on his face. The physique is already blank a head, blood using opposite a frame. Chronos’ fingers have dug themselves into a skin of his son while he appears fervent to munch down on a left arm during a elbow. His physique is warped in a roughly orgasmic voracious hunger.

A sheer disproportion between this and his progressing works, Goya’s final years were clearly a time of dark and morbidity. Perhaps it was him entrance to terms with his mankind as his physique unsuccessful him (he was deaf and pang from declined mental health when he embellished this)? Perhaps it was his perspective of Spain and a changes a nation was undergoing? Whatever a cause, a “black paintings” epoch of is a duration of terrifying art from one of history’s many eminent painters.

In a video letter below, Nerdwriter goes low into a story of a portrayal as good as imbues a video with his possess personal observations. A fascinating and impossibly well-produced video, it’s a smashing approach to see how art, and people, can evolve.

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