Outlast II Streamer Is Scared By His Toddler Daughter In An …

What would design a many renouned Twitch shave in story is? Some super badass Counter-Strike or Overwatch kill? A quite hard-fought League of Legends match? Nope! It’s a guy removing frightened by his possess baby. You’ll know once we watch a shave for yourself, since it gosh-darn adorable. Check it out, above.

Streamer JurassicJunkieLive was personification a jump-scare-laden Outlast II live on Twitch, when his toddler daughter Jessica secretly snuck adult behind him (actually, he only didn’t hear her since he had headphones on). Our pennon is unexpected strike with a double whammy, as Outlast II unleashes an audio burst scare, and he turns around to find a little tellurian suddenly station behind him.

A male recoiling in contemptible fear during a steer of a baby is funny, though what unequivocally creates a shave good is JurassicJunkie immediately checking to make certain his daughter is fine and hoisting her adult for a hug, that he seems to need a lot some-more than her. Thankfully, Jessica appears totally unphased by a whole occurrence – we have a feeling father sorrow in apprehension during things might not be that uncommon. The strange stream serves adult even some-more father-daughter cuteness, as JurassicJunkie gives his daughter a lick on a front before realizing he substantially only prisoner something flattering special…

“Please tell me someone’s clipped that. we can’t trust we didn’t roar back.”

So far, JurassicJunkie’s toddler apprehension has 1.8 million views, that Twitch has reliable to be their most-viewed particular shave ever. The shave has already propelled JurassicJunkie from a small 100 supporters to over 3,500. Welp, time to make some-more toddler shock scenarios! Hopefully Jessica is receiving her ninja training as we speak.

Outlast II is now accessible for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

[via Kotaku]

by Nathan Birch
| Jul 26, 2017

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