Outlast II Runs during Native 4K@60FPS on Xbox One X; Developer Is …

With Halloween 2017 sketch ever closer, we suspicion we’d check in with Red Barrels Games, a Canadian indie group behind a presence fear Outlast franchise. Co-founder and Senior Game Designer Philippe Morin, an attention maestro who’s worked with companies like Ubisoft, Naughty Dog and Electronic Arts before going indie, was kind adequate to take some time to answer a questions.

We talked about Outlast II, of course. The diversion launched in late Apr and is now 40% off on Steam as partial of a Halloween sale, a discount for what’s a flattering damn good fear diversion according to Kai.

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Morin also suggested that Outlast II will run during local 4K fortitude and 60fps on Microsoft’s arriving Xbox One X console, a large boost compared to PlayStation 4 Pro’s energetic 1440P fortitude that should interpret into a many crisper image. Keep reading for a full conversation.

Are we happy with how Outlast II achieved commercially and critically?

We’re removing tighten to 1 million units sold, so approbation we are happy.  We knew a diversion would be polarizing, though what’s a indicate of being an eccentric developer if you’re going to play it safe?

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In hindsight, what would we have finished differently (if anything) during development?

There’s always a ton of things you’d like to change once a diversion comes out. If we could go behind in time, we would find a proceed to spend some-more time on balancing a game, in sequence to equivocate carrying to recover a patch a integrate of weeks after a diversion launched. We’re a tiny group (20 during a finish of production), so finishing a diversion was intensely intense.

We’ve recently reported a comment by a former Visceral Games developer who mentioned that fear games are costly to make and tough sell given many business like them, though don’t buy them since they’re too scary. Do we determine with this comment and if so, how should developers try and work around such an issue?  

It does make things trickier if we proceed a fear diversion like you’d proceed an AAA Blockbuster title. Horror fans are dedicated and passionate, though a fear genre is a niche. The bigger your budget, a some-more we need to strech a far-reaching audience. Obviously, I’m not informed with Visceral’s minute situation, though for us, it creates clarity to make fear games.

Many fans have asked we to incorporate VR support in your games for a ultimate fear experience. Is there still a possibility to see VR support combined to Outlast II or maybe you’ll wait for a subsequent diversion now?

Like we mentioned previously, we’re a tiny team, so we have to concentration a resources where it creates a many sense. VR is super cool, though it’s a singular marketplace during a moment.

You’ve pronounced on Twitter that you’ve been deliberation either to pier Outlast II to a Nintendo Switch. Do we have any serve refurbish to share on that?

Not nonetheless 🙂 .

Your diversion is listed among a central titles ancillary a Xbox One X console. What was it like building for this new console? Can we tell us a technical specifications of a pier (native resolution, support rate, graphics enhancements etc.)?

Outlast 2 will support local 4K and run during 60 FPS on a Xbox One X, though it won’t support HDR and Dolby Atmos.  The routine was flattering candid for a programmer. The patch is already live, by a way!

Some developers have argued that a Xbox One X, notwithstanding a high price, is indeed inexpensive for a hardware components. Do we agree?

I’m a diversion engineer and not informed with a tech involved.  All we can contend is that we will buy one.

Going forward, should we continue awaiting fear games in a capillary of Outlast from Red Barrels Games or would we like to bend out during some indicate and try other genres?

I don’t consider we’ll ever desert a genre, though stretching opposite muscles could be good once in a while.

Similarly, is there any sold environment you’d like to tackle after carrying nailed ‘rural Americana’?

To be honest, we haven’t done any decisions yet.  We have a few options on a list and will shortly make a decision.  But we won’t make any announcements before things are sealed on a side.

Finally, what do we consider of a new loot boxes debacle that’s swelling by a AAA industry?

I had to do a hunt on a Web to find out what a doubt was about 🙂 . So, we can theory what we consider about it as developers and gamers. we wish we can equivocate carrying to rest on this solution.

Thank we for your time.

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