Outlast dev’s new diversion will be a ‘departure’ from what we’re used to

Outlast developer Red Barrels has suggested that a psychological fear array has frightened up over 15 million copies worldwide.

Speaking with GI.biz, a studio’s co-founder, Philippe Morin, suggested that a blood-drenched authorization has pulled in $64 million in income given a entrance on PC in 2013.

What’s subsequent from a studio, then?

Initially, Morin pronounced a group fanciful doing something ‘completely different’ for a new project after 2017’s Outlast 2. After mulling it over however, they instead found a proceed to fit a new diversion into a same star though betrothed it would symbol a ‘departure’ from a determined template.

‘We’re prototyping, and a proceed we wish to proceed this is to get a antecedent that we’re unequivocally happy about, and afterwards figure out a best proceed to get it done,’ he said. ‘Are we going to need a same kind of budget? Can it be lower? Right now, we don’t know.’

So there we have it. Outlast is entrance back, though substantially not in a same getup we know and love. It’s also doubtful to be called Outlast 3. 

The strange diversion took place in a mental haven and saw we poking around a dimly-lit halls and bedrooms looking for clues while legging it from a several nasties that populated a building. Outlast 2 duration took a some-more eremite proceed and was really most Hillbilly penis fear territory.

That’s Red Barrels’ difference by a way, not ours.

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