Outlast 2 Walkthrough | Genesis Pt. 10 – The Road to a Mine

Begin an unfinished query to strech a puzzling mines of Outlast 2. There are cornfields, mills, and slaughterhouses — a southern fear trifecta.

Both a indent and a slaughterhouse underline puzzles you’ll need to solve to shun indignant cultists and spike-wielding nuns. To successfully escape, you’ll need to find a indent crank, and a slaughterhouse hook. Don’t worry, we’ll assistance we get both.

This is a final severe territory before we pierce on to a second territory of Outlast 2. The initial territory is by distant a longest, and this extensive territory offers adult some-more than dual wily sequences.

Survive a opening hours with The Escapist’s Outlast 2 Beginner’s Guide, with 11 tips to assistance we shun a adults of Temple Gate.

Table of Contents

Lynn and Val (the infidel we saw earlier) have transient to a mines outward of town. That’s where you’re going next. Leaving a church, a organisation of acolytes in hoods will mark you. Sprint down a path, true ahead, to strech a door. Push it open and fist inside. Swerve by a shelves and adult a stairs to a H2O tower. Don’t skip a jump!

Hop on over and yield by a blockade to strech a nursery. Too bad all a kids are dead. The lady here ignores you, so travel on by and take a bandages from a sink. In a subsequent room, exit by a window and enter a cornfield.

Like a other cornfield, you’ll usually wish to keep relocating forward. Avoid any flashlight true ahead, and pierce until we mark a high lights on poles. Those will beam we to a mill.

Lock a doorway to a mill, afterwards enter a bureau to take a crank. Go by a behind doorway of a mill, and pierce upstairs to a crankshaft. Turn it to cut off a H2O supply, though watch out for a torpedo below. Wait for him to ramble adult a steps, afterwards burst off a edge and scurry indoors. Lock a doorway behind you, and yield underneath a stopped indent circle to get outside.

Follow a trail around a weeds until we strech a array with a blazing steer. Turn left and enter a gates to confront Marta nonetheless again. She usually won’t give up! Turn around, take a left trail and demeanour left for a little opening into a barn. There’s a note and a gauze inside.

Wait inside, and Marta will eventually ramble off. Rush past where she seemed and steep by a little moment in a fence. It’ll eventually lead to a outrageous slaughterhouse, that is usually somewhat some-more outrageous than all else we’ve seen so far.

Cross a bloody trail and go around to a bureau to lift a intense method and acquire a hook. Now you’ll need to backtrack to a barn. Exit by a moment to a right of a sealed doors – afterwards go by a blockade we used to strech a slaughterhouse. Sprint behind to a charred cow pit, and spin left. There’s a vast stable door. Squeeze through, insert a offshoot to a embankment on a distant wall, and start pulling a chain!

Of course, Marta won’t let we off easy. She starts busting down a door. Be quick, lift a method a few times before sprinting and shifting to a exit. A discerning flog to a face slows her down, and you’ll finally find a prolonged trail to a mines.

Follow a dry trail to a creepy building with a note during a bottom of a steps. There’s no apparent approach inside by a door, though we can yield by a moment above a jam. Jump on in to tumble into a fourth dream sequence.

Find a subsequent partial of a Outlast 2 walkthrough in a Table of Contents above.

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