Outlast 2: The musical

It’s that time again, when I’m bending adult to a heart rate guard and forced to watch Jeff play Outlast 2. we hatred it! It’s my slightest favorite time, out of all a times.

In this episode, in an try to fight a positively paralyzing fear of being in a room with Outlast 2, Jeff and we stoical many songs. Classics such as, “Buh buh buh buh buh!” and “Get The Gun! (reprise)” are sung in this video. Watch out for a mixtape, that will dump as shortly as we can lift my hands out of my mouth.

You could start with this episode, though of march we do suggest checking out part 1 of a bi-weekly scary series, Yellface:

By examination both of these episodes, we can declare that we did not in fact re-apply my black spike polish, and that it has been solemnly chipping off over a march of weeks. It’s a embellishment for what is function to my soul, a longer we am unprotected to a poisonous fear rays emanating from Outlast 2.

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