Outlast 2 is half cost until tomorrow

I walked opposite a charred baby array in Outlast 2 and didn’t like it much,” is an surprising title yet one that captures a grave tinge of Red Barrels Studio’s combat-less, duck-and-cover fear sequel. Those were Tim’s difference from E3 final year, that James endorsed in his review behind in April. 

From now by Thursday Nov 16 during 10am PT/6pm GMT, Outlast 2 is half cost on Steam, should we wish to knowledge a scares for yourself. 

Here’s James’ spoiler-free take on a game’s finale in propinquity to a above:

Long after a final mins of Outlast 2, we felt queasy, capricious that what we saw had indeed happened. It’s one of a many weird finale sequences I’ve witnessed, drumming into a fear I’ve famous given my initial week during Sunday school. It’s not a fear about being hunted, artistic insides spills, or orderly organised corpses on spikes (though there’s copiousness of that stuff). It’s fear of a extreme measures people will take to safeguard their salvation, a weight of guilt, and either or not a large man adult tip exists and gives a damn.

And here’s a launch trailer:

At half price, Outlast 2 costs £11.49/$14.99. If we imagination spending a few quid more, a Outlast Trinity Bundle is also theme to a 68 percent discount—netting we a initial game, a Whistleblower DLC, and Outlast 2 for £14.10/$18.69. 

While set in a same universe, both games are unrelated. Besides, we know, all that gut-churning horror.

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