Outlast 2 has reached roughly a million units sold

On Apr 25 this year Outlast 2 landed on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and now we know that, 6 months after launch, Red Barrels’ fear diversion has reached scarcely a million copies sold.

The acknowledgment comes from co-founder and comparison diversion engineer Philippe Morin who pronounced a following in a new talk with Wccftech: “We’re removing tighten to 1 million units sold, so approbation we are happy. We knew a diversion would be polarizing, though what’s a indicate of being an eccentric developer if you’re going to play it safe”.

During a interview, Morin was asked to criticism on a new matter done by a former Visceral Games developer, who mentioned that fear games are costly to make and tough to sell given many business like them, though don’t buy them since they’re too scary. This was his reply:

“It does make things trickier if we proceed a fear diversion like you’d proceed an AAA Blockbuster title. Horror fans are dedicated and passionate, though a fear genre is a niche. The bigger your budget, a some-more we need to strech a far-reaching audience. Obviously, I’m not informed with Visceral’s minute situation, though for us, it creates clarity to make fear games”.

He was also asked if a studio was formulation another fear diversion for a foreseeable future, and he reliable a seductiveness from a studio to continue operative in a genre, even if they wish to knowledge something new as well.

“I don’t consider we’ll ever desert a genre, though stretching opposite muscles could be good once in a while”, he concluded.

It’ll be engaging to see what Red Barrels will do in a nearby future. Are we a large fan of Outlast 2?

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