Outlast 2 Has Nearly Sold 1 Million Copies

Outlast 2 a supplement to 2013’s viral fear hit, Outlast is tighten to attack a super considerable goal. The creepy, cult centered fear has scarcely tormented 1 million homes with sales.

In an talk with Wccftech, Red Barrels co-founder and comparison diversion engineer Philippe Morin announced a news, stating:

“We’re removing tighten to 1 million units sold, so approbation we are happy. We knew a diversion would be polarizing, though what’s a indicate of being an eccentric developer if you’re going to play it safe”.

During a interview, Morin was also asked to criticism on a matter done by a former Visceral Games developer, who pronounced that Horror games are costly to rise and don’t indispensably interpret into effective sales.

“It does make things trickier if we proceed a fear diversion like you’d proceed an AAA Blockbuster title. Horror fans are dedicated and passionate, though a fear genre is a niche. The bigger your budget, a some-more we need to strech a far-reaching audience. Obviously, I’m not informed with Visceral’s minute situation, though for us, it creates clarity to make fear games”.

Following a success of a title, a interviewee asked if a studio would desert a fear genre for something a small bit differnet.

“I don’t consider we’ll ever desert a genre, though stretching opposite muscles could be good once in a while”, he concluded.

Outlast 2 is accessible right now for PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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