Optional Conversations

There are a sum of 36 Optional Conversations in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Optional Conversations are noted by a debate burble above Nathan Drake’s companions.

You can lane how many conversations you’ve found by checking a Statistics page in a postponement menu. Below is a beam to any Optional Conversation damaged adult by chapter.

Tips for triggered Optional Conversations:

  • Playing on Explorer problem will make it some-more formidable for Drake to pass Optional Conversations or cancel out of them.
  • Most conversations are triggered when a messenger looks out on a scenic area or when Nathan interacts with an object, like Journal Notes.
  • Keep an eye out for when a messenger breaks from their normal patterns of looking during pointless things in a sourroundings and actively go to a location.
  • Some conversations will start one after another.

EditChapter 3

There are dual Optional Conversations in Chapter 3: The Malaysia Job.

The initial is with a vessel worker. After being carried out of a water, speak to a man by a trailer doors.

The second is with another vessel worker. The man is subsequent to a derrick on a core of a boat’s rug

EditChapter 6

There are 3 Optional Conversations in Chapter 6: Once a Thief. All 3 are with Sam.

The initial happens as you’re coming a estate in a citrus grove.

The second is shortly after a initial while Sam and Nathan are down by a post ruins.

The third review is easy to miss. Sam goes out to a patio before a auction after assembly with Sully.

EditChapter 8

There are dual Optional Conversations in Chapter 8: The Grave of Henry Avery. Both conversations are with Sam.

The initial Optional Conversation happens with Sam in front of a Jesus and a thieves statues after holding a note.

The second Optional Conversations occurs after elucidate a light nonplus in Avery’s tomb. After Nathan hits a switch on a finished puzzle, he can't speak to Sam, so be certain to speak with him before interacting with a finished puzzle.

EditChapter 9

There’s usually one Optional Conversation in Chapter 9: Those Who Prove Worthy.

After elucidate a bucket puzzle, Sam will travel adult to a precipice in a cave.

EditChapter 10

There are dual Optional Conversations in Chapter 10: The Twelve Towers, one with Sam and one with Sully.


The dual conversations are linked. Once we get to a vigilance building that overlooks a volcano’s valley, collect a biography entry. Sam and Sully will afterwards any have something to say, with Sam first.

EditChapter 11

There’s one Optional Conversation in Chapter 11: Hidden in Plain Sight with Sully.


Play with a lemur in a marketplace afterwards Sully will make a comment.

EditChapter 12

There are dual Optional Conversations in Chapter 12: At Sea with Sam.

After Sam quickly goes missing, he’ll travel over to a precipice and criticism on a view.

The second review is in a formulation room of a cistern after examining a plaques on a wall or in a supplies room. Explore a dual rooms, and Sam will ask Nathan a question.

EditChapter 14

There are 6 Optional Conversations in Chapter 14: Join Me in Paradise. All 6 are with Sam.

The initial one is during a commencement of a section as shortly as we burst down from a ledge.

The second is on a second building of a pub in a marketplace area. Approach a chairs to trigger a conversation.


Interact with a cutlass in a blacksmith building. After that, Sam will ask about trade.

After examining a equine skeleton in a barn, Sam will ask about what happened to a city.

Sam goes and poses with a bonds tighten to Avery’s statues.

Sam will indicate out a physique in a yard of what competence be a book when we initial get into a area.

EditChapter 15

Chapter 15: The Thieves of Libertalia has dual Optional Conversations with Sam.


Examine a skeleton in a behind of a room. Sam will make a criticism about a other skeletons. Do this before totally acid a room.

Sam calls over Nathan to uncover him a find in a initial room of a chapter. Only activate this after you’ve searched a rest of a room.

EditChapter 16

There are 3 Optional Conversations in Chapter 16: The Brothers Drake. All 3 are with Sam.


The initial is in a kid’s room after reading a note on a desk.


The second is after picking adult a bandit story book in a hothouse room. Nathan can speak to sam twice here. Nathan can ask Sam a followup doubt about a book. This depends as a third conversation.

EditChapter 17

There are 6 Optional Conversations in Chapter 17: For Better or Worse with Elena. Each of a conversations start in pairs.


After lifting Elena adult to a ladder during a commencement of a chapter, a review pops up. Nathan can ask a followup doubt to a conversation. This depends as a second Optional Conversation.

Optional Conversations 3 and 4 start once Nathan and Elena accommodate adult after a elevator. Elena comments on a record a pirates had. After Nathan mentions a other places he traveled, he has a possibility to speak to Elena again.

While roving a vast conveyor adult a cliff, Elena will discuss how a view is like a post card. Nathan can ask a followup question.

EditChapter 18

There are 5 Optional Conversations with Elena in Chapter 18: New Devon.

Walk to a left of a embankment during a commencement of a chapter, and Elena will review a pointer by one of a skeletons.


Then, travel by a embankment in a engulf area and Elena will review a difference above a door.


After picking adult a note by a hanged woman’s skeleton Elena will make a remark.

After shifting out of a house, Nathan can speak to Elena as they float around in a water.

Upon entering one of Avery’s party rooms, Elena creates a criticism about a past job.


The Epilogue has a final Optional Conversation. Interact with Vicky by a vessel and a debate burble will cocktail up.

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