Optimizing Final Fantasy XV for consoles was really tough

Square Enix had a tough time scaling down a tender energy of Final Fantasy XV’s Luminous Engine to run on old-fashioned console hardware.




It should be no warn that consoles aren’t really potent–Microsoft’s new Xbox One X notwithstanding–and typically need poignant optimization scaling to safeguard a new perfectionist diversion can run on them. Some games like Final Fantasy XV are even built on a absolute next-gen iteration of a studio’s exclusive diversion engine that’s literally too absolute to run on PS4 and Xbox One hardware, and devs have to put tons of bid into downscaling a diversion to even strike 1080p 30FPS. According to Final Fantasy XV’s diversion executive Hajime Tabata, a core dev group during Square Enix had a tremendously formidable time removing a movement RPG regulating on PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One and Xbox One S hardware.


Final Fantasy XV is a excellent instance of a developer’s misfortune nightmare. From a technical standpoint, a diversion is a marvel: a movement RPG mechanics are interspersed boldly with a hugely minute open world, permitting fight to seamlessly mangle out during any given indicate during a plain support rate. The visuals are pristine, and a volumetric lighting, fog, shadows and a innumerable of other effects supplement a low covering of soak to a experience. But make no mistake: Final Fantasy XV was built to run on higher-end machines and flex a tender energy of today’s many perfectionist hardware…but to get a diversion to a mainstream console audience, Square Enix had to dramatically precipitate this knowledge and safeguard a diversion didn’t tumble detached while regulating on comparison hardware.


Game executive Hajima Tabata recently discussed how formidable it was removing Final Fantasy XV to run on console hardware. “The console version, that compulsory reformation from a really start for both a diversion itself and a engine, was some-more than 100 times some-more difficult,” Tabata-san pronounced in a new interview with MCV.


Back in Aug 2016, months before a game’s central release, we reported that Final Fantasy XV was barley attack 30FPS on consoles. Even when regulating energetic fortitude scaling to strike FPS targets during a consequence of resolution, Square Enix was carrying trouble. And a devs had already behind a diversion nonetheless again for a final recover date 3 months after in November. When a diversion launched in November, we felt right divided a diversion was reason behind on consoles. The knowledge was impressive, and a visuals and fight were stellar, though we still felt there was so most some-more intensity for a diversion to shine.




Now Tabata-san’s group is aiming to unleash a full, unobstructed energy of Final Fantasy XV’s Luminous Engine with a fully-fledged PC port.


This means no compromises: a studio is going all out this time. The Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition will launch in 2018 with native 4K fortitude (and even 8K res) support alongside mods, and a diversion will be optimized for NVIDIA’s highest-end GeForce GTX 10 array video cards.


At a same time, however, Tabata-san wants to make a diversion as permitted as probable for PC gamers too. Enthusiasts won’t get all a fun.


This means a group is operative to safeguard Final Fantasy XV will support lower-end hardware so that no one is left out. Our prior reports that FFXV on PC had outrageously perfectionist endorsed specs of an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti were erroneous, and a devs are doubling-down on ancillary a far-reaching spectrum of graphics cards. And it also helps that scaling on PC is much, most easier than on consoles.


“Our aim is to make players wish to play a PC version, even if they know about a console version. Moreover, by posterior a PC version, it led us to improving a possess growth skills. By collaborating with NVIDIA, we weren’t only means to make a PC chronicle of a game; we were means to plea ourselves in ensuring that we had a latest technological graphics,” Tabata-san pronounced in a interview.


“We saw this as an advantage for both a growth group and a player. Players will design a diversion to have developed since we are providing a aloft peculiarity depiction than a stream consoles out there. If we are means to accommodate such demands, afterwards it gives definition to doing this in a initial place.”


I for one can’t wait to see what kinds of improvements Square Enix is means to grasp with FFXV on PC, and I’m vehement to knowledge a loyal range and unshackled tender opening that PC gaming offers. But a again…maybe Square Enix should reason off on creation such insanely perfectionist next-gen engines until there’s a console absolute adequate to support them.

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