One Year Later, Did Microsoft Keep Their E3 2016 Promises …

Phil Spencer, conduct of Xbox talks during a media lecture during a Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles on Monday, Jun 13, 2016. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

E3 is right around a corner, and that means we’re about to get deluged with enormous news and glossy new trailers. And as we do any year before a hype, let’s initial take a demeanour behind to see if a 3 console makers delivered on all a grand promises they finished during final year’s E3. Up first: Microsoft.

E3 2016’s hum and fad was overshadowed by a horrific mass sharpened during an Orlando happy nightclub on Sunday, Jun 12. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo any took a time to acknowledge a tragedy during their press events, in a uncover of oneness and support to a LGBT community. Overall, a press events from a large 3 had a usual: some approaching reveals and surprises, with leaks before to a E3 festivities holding divided from a latter.

A music-thumping, frail display of a new Xbox One S console kicked off Microsoft’s E3 2016 press conference. The briefing, that was hold on Jun 13, 2016, showcased news and titles that had roughly all leaked days forward of a event. The biggest reveal, a new higher-powered Xbox codenamed Project Scorpio, occurred during a finish of a 90-minute presentation, nonetheless Kotaku readers already knew all about it after our report.

The thesis that dominated Microsoft’s briefing: Games would be accessible for cross-buy and cross-play on both Xbox One and Windows 10 as partial of Xbox’s new “Play Anywhere” program. As of today’s date, 12 games are a partial of a module with 7 some-more in a works.

The promise: Xbox One S, a slimmer console and crook approach to play Xbox One games with HDR gaming, 4K Ultra HD video and Blu-ray facilities was presented in a trailer. It even boasted adult to 2TB of inner HDD, an integrated energy supply, and an IR Blaster. The same trailer introduced a new Xbox wireless controller featuring Bluetooth and increasing operation capability, as good as a textured grip. Once a Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, took a stage, he suggested a pricing of a console ($US300 ($404)) and a launch window of Aug 2016.

Did they deliver? Yes, with options to boot. The highest-end chronicle of a console with a 2TB hard-drive launched on August 2 with a $US400 ($538) cost point. Additional console options were after finished accessible on Aug 23rd as bundled packages: a $US350 ($471) 1TB tough expostulate with a Madden or Halo bundle, or an even smaller 500GB tough expostulate with a Halo collection labelled during $US300 ($404).

The promise: Gears of War 4‘s Rod Fergusson took a theatre to benefaction a “Xbox Play Anywhere” program, that went something like this:, “When we buy a diversion digitally we get to possess it and play it on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.” Another large underline betrothed was that Gears of War 4 would support cross-play with PC and Xbox players means to play together for all of a several modes, including a commune campaign, co-multiplayer and a Gears 4 Horde mode. After a live on-stage demo of a commune elements to a game, a recover date of Oct 11, 2016 was announced, as good as a Gears 4 singular book Elite Wireless controller.

Did they deliver? Mostly. The diversion expelled on both PC and Xbox on Oct 11, along with satisfying gameplay nonetheless an hapless hiccup for a extensive matchmaking times. Cross-play rolled out for some modes, nonetheless not others. In December, a play exam weekend for cross-play between PC and Xbox One players happened in Dec 2016, and on Jan 27, Gears of War 4 perceived cross-play for a Versus Multiplayer mode. Oh, a controller expelled in Oct too, nonetheless now seems to be sole out usually about everywhere. Such is a approach of limited-edition things.

The promise: Community Manager for Killer Instinct Rukari Austin denounced a franchise’s subsequent guest character: Gears of War‘s General Raam. It was remarkable during a trailer that Killer Instinct‘s Season 3 is an Xbox Play Anywhere title. After General Raam shanked his opponent, he was betrothed to be accessible to play for giveaway during a week of E3.

Did they deliver? Yes. General Raam is in a Killer Instinct roster, and a diversion has cross-play and cross-buy features.

The promise: Next adult was a trailer for an Xbox and Windows 10 Exclusive featuring a scenic Australia being ripped adult by a brood of cars on highways, a beach, and off-road, all to a cover of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game.” Yep, it was Forza Horizon 3. Playground Games’ Creative Director,Ralph Fulton assimilated 3 other developers to play a live demo of a diversion utilising Windows 10 PCs and Xbox consoles to uncover seamless four actor co-op integration. Sep 27, 2016 was pegged as a recover date for both platforms.

Did they deliver? They did, and Mike Fahey might contend it keeps delivering, what with a snowy weather serve final Dec and the joys of a Hot Wheels enlargement container expelled on May 9. Forza Horizon 3‘s early entrance began on Sep 23 and was an beguiling knowledge on Xbox One and PC (mostly nonetheless a approaching crashes, too).

The promise: A impression introduction, platforming and fight trailer played for Xbox One and Windows disdainful ReCore. The diversion was first announced during E3 2015 with an early Spring 2016 recover date, after pushed to a Fall 2016 window. At E3 2o16’s press briefing, ReCore perceived a specific recover date of Sep 13, 2016.

Did they deliver? Yes. The diversion finished a scheduled recover date on both platforms nonetheless launched with longer bucket times on Xbox than PC — up to dual mins in some cases, contra PC’s 26 seconds. This was after patched. Kotaku‘s review praised a clever gameplay and beautiful universe nonetheless remarkable that bugs and backtracking hindered ReCore‘s altogether experience. One of a bots featured in selling for a game, a T8nk, still hasn’t been released, nonetheless it is approaching to be a giveaway DLC… someday.

The promise: Final Fantasy XV executive Hajime Tabata took to a theatre to uncover off The Trial of Titan, a “first ever demo on Xbox One” to denote “how quick and liquid a conflict complement is.” After Titan’s arm was solidified and lopped off, he reiterated that Prince Noctis and crew’s Final Fantasy XV journey was set for Sep 30, 2016.

Did they deliver? No, nonetheless it wasn’t Microsoft’s fault. After E3, a tellurian recover of Final Fantasy XV was behind by Jason Schr… uh, we mean, by Square Enix to Nov 29th, 2016. Square Enix’s developers cited a need to work some-more on a game’s optimization, among other things. The diversion did make a Nov recover for Xbox and PlayStation… even nonetheless they weren’t finished operative on it.

There’s one territory in a diversion in sold that’s been hotly debated, and has since perceived a possess updates to residence a execution. In March, FFXV received DLC with some-more to arrive in a future.

And as Final Fantasy XV is being treated as a live game, Noctis and his child band’s exploits will continue to be tweaked and discussed frequently.

The promise: The Division‘s Underground enlargement container perceived a trailer that highlighted incidentally generated missions and lethal civic dungeons, that would recover initial on Xbox One on Jun 28.

Did they deliver? Sure did. As promised, on Jun 28th a DLC was finished accessible to Xbox and PC owners, a week forward of a PlayStation 4 recover on Aug 2nd. The DLC took some brainwork out on how to entrance it, and once achieved, it’s expected we were kicked out of matches if your name was Stephen Totilo.

In late August, a developers settled they would check a subsequent DLC to concentration instead on regulating a game’s prevalent cheating, lunatic turn course and other assorted issues in an October 1.4 patch, following a September recover of a open PC Test Server.

The promise: The subsequent presenter was DICE’s General Manager, Patrick Bach. He featured gameplay footage for Battlefield 1 before divulgence a diversion would be expelled on Oct 21st, with Xbox players with EA Access removing a possibility to play initial on Oct 13th.

Did they deliver? Yes, with a surprise: Members of EA Access and Origin Access were means to download a hearing to Xbox and PC one day earlier than a designed Oct 13th release. The full diversion released for Xbox, PC and PS4 on Oct 21st.

Eventually, everybody got to suffer a game’s horses — a ultimate murdering machines — followed by a game’s other lethal creature: a large shark, among other goodies and easter eggs. The latest DLC expelled on May 23, 2017 combined womanlike soldiers to a World War we battles.

The promise: Head of Platforming Engineering for Xbox Mike Ybarra gave a display to plead improvements to Xbox Live. New facilities that would be accessible in a summer would include: 1. Background Music, with players means to listen to their possess song while they play, 2. Language Region Independence, effectively permitting players to play any denunciation of their choosing, and 3. Cortana, a digital assistant, who would arrive as good with new voice approval capabilities for a console.

Did they deliver? Yes: All 3 facilities were implemented in a Xbox One Summer Update on Jul 30, 2016. Furthermore, a integrate additional features were thrown in for good measure, including an softened Games Collection page, joining of a Windows and Xbox online stores, and more.

The promise: Ybarra continued by earnest that 3 new additional facilities would make their approach to Xbox Live in a fall. The initial would be “Clubs,” as a common assembly place for games to bond with common interests. The second would be “Looking For Group” as a means for players to be means to find any other easier, “…like a wanted ad for multiplayer.” And lastly, “Arena,” designed with rival gaming in mind for players to simply pointer adult to matches. Games that would join a Arena charity enclosed EA Sports titles such as FIFA in a entrance year, as good as Daybreak, H1z1, and Wargaming.

Did they deliver? Yes and no. Clubs and Looking For Group rolled out to Xbox preview on Sep 6 and those two facilities were implemented on Nov 10 in a tumble as promised. The Arena on Xbox underline got delayed until May 16, 2017.

The promise: In a Minecraft apportionment of a show, Lydia Winters and Sax Persson discussed ordering players opposite Xbox, iOS, and Windows 10 platforms to play online together easily. They would grasp this by “The Friendly Update,” permitting players to horde their possess servers that friends could play in even when a horde was not online. Minecraft Realms would be accessible to try for giveaway on a date of a briefing, and cross-platforming would embody Xbox Live, Android, Windows 10, iOS, and Gear VR devices. Texture packs such as a City container would be expelled that day for Minecraft Pocket book and Windows 10.

In a spring, an appendage permitting players to cgange things in serve to tweaking AI would turn accessible as initial stairs to creation Minecraft entirely modifiable. Finally, some-more add-ons would occur in 2017 for Xbox, with some-more information to be supposing during Minecon in Sep 2016.

Did they deliver? Yes and no. The Friendly Update began rolling out and Realms giveaway to try for 30 days on June 13th. Add-ons were finished available, too. The 1.10 refurbish to supplement mods happened on a initial day of Winter on Dec 21st for consoles, nonetheless other updates before to a large one authorised for some customisation — tweaks, nonetheless not full-on modding.

There was lots of information during Minecon as promised, however, with new things combined such as a trainer refurbish which wasn’t really good.

The promise: “You design. We build.” With Xbox Design Lab, players with an eye for pattern would be means to customise and design their possess controllers with an array of colours and engraving. Players could try a customisation on Xbox’s site that same day.

Did they deliver? Priced during $US80 ($108) (with an additional $US10 ($13) for cast options), Xbox Design Lab’s charming offerings seem to make it formidable for anyone to emanate a bad combination. (That said, a Xbox Design Lab isn’t accessible in all territories and a shipping costs from a US are flattering exorbitant.)

The promise: Inside, a latest from a creator of Limbo, got a gloomy trailer and a lot of regard from [email protected] Creative Director Chris Charla. To applaud a Jun 29th launch of Inside, Playdead’s initial diversion would be finished accessible for giveaway to Xbox One players on a day of a conference.

Did they deliver? Yes. Inside launched on Xbox on a betrothed date to overwhelmingly certain reviews and excited discussions. The diversion after expelled on PC on Jul 7th, and on PS4 on Aug 23rd. Playdead announced on Jan 20th that a new diversion is in a works.

The promise: Next adult was a Xbox Indie Highlight Reel, featuring peeks during Cuphead, Outlast 2, Deliver us to a Moon, Flinthook, FAR, Slime Rancher, Shadow Tactics, Figment, The Culling, For a King, Beacon, Stardew Valley, Hand of Fate 2, Below, Raiders, Bloodstained, Yooka-Laylee, Everspace. Release dates were listed as “soon.” Discussed in serve fact were skeleton for ARK: Survival Evolved saying that Xbox owners would be means to play on Windows 10 in a Fall. Other titles that would join Xbox Game Preview module — that allows feedback between diversion developers and players — embody Slime Rancher, The Culling, Everspace, and DayZ.

Did they deliver? Overall, no. Quite a few of these games haven’t shipped yet, and some don’t even have dates a year later. Outlast 2 was behind to early 2017, perceived a terrifying demo in a fall, and was expelled on Xbox One, PS4, Mac and Windows on Apr 25, 2017. Yooka-Laylee expelled on Xbox, PS4, PC and Mac on Apr 11, 2017. Flinthook expelled on Apr 17, 2017. Slime Rancher and Everspace are a partial of Xbox Game Preview. Shadow Tactics is slated for an August 1, 2017 release on Xbox and PS4.

The Culling is headed to Xbox Game Preview on June 2. Stardew Valley expelled on Xbox and PlayStation 4 on Dec 14. Hand of Fate 2 had a Q1 2017 date nonetheless stays unreleased. No recover information nonetheless on Deliver us to a Moon, For a King, Beacon, Raider and DayZ, either. Below was scheduled for mid-2016 nonetheless has been delayed with no decisive recover date.

Bloodstained has been pushed to 2018. As of this date, Cuphead, FAR, and Figment also sojourn unreleased, any with a deceptive window of 2017. ARK: Survival Evolved has not nonetheless expelled as a Play Anywhere title.

The promise: A diversion trailer for We Happy Few placed a movement in 1964 with existence altering drugs and a one male who refused to take his “joy” pill.This first-person indie journey diversion would go initial to consoles on a Xbox One, and accessible in Jul on Xbox Game Preview.

Did they deliver? Yep. In July, a diversion went to a Xbox Game Preview program as good as Steam’s Early Access (and it really was early).. In December, a diversion received a large update that combined a story educational and bound many of a problems associated to quests, NPC poise and other issues.

The promise: Oh hey, Gwent! CD Projekt Red’s digital label diversion spin-off from The Witcher array was announced and presented by Lead Designer Damien Monnier. Registration for a beta began that day. It’d be initial on Xbox One and Windows PC and a beta would arrive in September.

Did they deliver? Not quite. The sealed beta indeed began during a tail finish of October. But when it did, some people got addicted to all a large changes from a game’s Witcher 3 counterpart. The open beta expelled on May 24th, 2017.

The promise: After a film trailer starring Heihachi Mishima fighting Akuma with some plot-driven discourse was shown, Tekken 7 Game Director Katsuhiro Harada jumped into a live gameplay demo with Game Designer Michael Murray to conflict it out with digital fists on stage. The recover date was slated for “early 2017.” During a week of E3, Xbox Gold members would accept a giveaway duplicate of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, accessible around Xbox Backwards Compatibility.

Did they deliver? No. Well, approbation for a giveaway duplicate of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, nonetheless no for a recover date. Tekken 7, that has been out in Japan’s arcades given 2015, was behind and is now scheduled for a June 2nd release on Xbox One, PC, and PS4.

The promise: It was Christmas in Jun with a subsequent trailer presented for Dead Rising 4, featuring zombies and all a gratifying ways they could be killed, all to a soundtrack of “Jingle Bell Rock,” confirmed as entrance to Xbox One and Windows 10 in Holiday 2016.

Did they deliver? Yep! On St. Nicholas’ day, no less. The diversion expelled on Dec 6, 2016 for both Xbox and Windows 10. Frank West’s zombie bashing lapse had a brush with controversy in a promotional department, and while Dead Rising 4 incited out flattering fun, it was not indispensably seen as a good Dead Rising game.

The promise: Hideki Kamiya, Creative Director for Platinum Games, stepped on theatre for a preview of Scalebound, that Microsoft touted as an disdainful for Xbox One and Windows 10 that would be a “biggest 2017 release.” With 4 players on stage, Kamiya and association showed commune gameplay of a headphones wearing protagonist and his friends battling a enormous spider-like foe.

Did they deliver? Not usually is Scalebound not going to be Xbox’s biggest 2017 release, it’s never going to recover during all. Confirmation of Scalebound‘s cancellation came on Jan 9, 2017, roughly 3 years after a initial proclamation during E3 2014. An reparation shortly followed.

The promise: Pirates, ahoy! Xbox and Windows 10 disdainful Sea of Thieves was adult next. Rare’s commune bandit game, initial announced during E3 2015, was introduced by Studio Head Craig Duncan around a gameplay video that featured lots of laughing, screaming, and a falling ship. The diversion was announced as also being a partial of Xbox Play Anywhere.

Did they deliver? Well, it’s not out yet, nonetheless there’s no “yes or no” unfolding in this box given there was no recover date proclamation during E3. We did have a lot of fun with the E3 demo.

The promise: Another Xbox One and Windows 10 disdainful trailer was shown, this time for a automobile speeding along a barren highway and barrelling by zombies on a approach to a gas station. State of Decay 2 was a commune presence diversion with a recover window of 2017.

Did they deliver? Not yet. There’s been really small pronounced about a diversion given a entrance trailer during E3 2016. Perhaps there’ll be some-more information on it in a integrate of weeks.

The promise: Halo Wars 2‘s film trailer was presented next, depicting a grand terrain between aliens and humankind. With a betrothed recover date of Feb 21st, 2017, a diversion was pronounced to be playable during E3, be a Play Anywhere title, and have a weeklong multiplayer beta on Xbox One commencement Jun 13th by Jun 20th.

Did they deliver? Indeed they did. Yet another leak — this time about a open beta — was reliable by a press conference, and on Jun 13th as promised, a beta launched. The tepid real-time plan game met a Feb launch date.

The promise: Returning to a stage, Phil Spencer mused that Xbox’s subsequent step was to demeanour “beyond generations.” A video of interviews with hardware developers and third celebration program makers denounced Project Scorpio, that boasted 4k gaming, 6 teraflops of GPU, 8 CPU cores with some-more than 320gb per second of memory bandwidth, et cetera. Spencer stressed that Project Scorpio would not leave a Xbox One family behind and that all games and accessories would work on all Xbox One family consoles. He also settled his faith that Xbox’s subsequent console would be “the many absolute console ever” when it launched in a holiday deteriorate of 2017.

Did they deliver? Not yet, nonetheless Holiday 2017 is some time away, so time will tell. Specs for a leaked console were denounced by Xbox in Apr of this year, and they’re impressive. We’ll presumably see most some-more on this, and what else Microsoft and Xbox has adult their sleeve in about dual weeks’ time.

And that was all for Microsoft, that mostly delivered on a promises even if it had a few outrageous whiffs. Later this week, we’ll inspect Sony’s and Nintendo’s E3 performances.

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