One Crazy Theory About The Ultra Bonus Unlock For Pokémon GO’s Global Research Challenge

Pokemon GO’s tellurian locate plea and it’s ultra prerogative unlock.

It’s summer in Pokémon GO, and that means Niantic is once again relocating tough to get a village intent with a now two-year-old game. This year we’re doing a sprawling, multi-part “global investigate challenge,” where players will be asked to finish a certain series of research tasks in any of their particular regions in sequence to clear prizes. There are 3 stages via a march of a summer, any with their possess clear prerogative during a end. At a finish there’s a tantalizing, puzzling “ultra prerogative unlock” during a finish of a whole thing.

Paul Tassi suspects that a ultra clear competence be Gen 4, or maybe a new mythic like Celebi. These are good guesses, and Gen 4 would unequivocally make a splash. we have a crazier theory, however, one that we consider is an tangible possibility. we consider that a ultra clear competence not be in Pokémon GO during all. we consider that a ultra clear competence be a prerogative in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is Niantic’s subsequent game, a follow-up to Pokémon GO set in a Harry Potter universe. It’s firm to be big, though like with many mobile games it doesn’t have a specific recover date. We assume, however, that it’s going to come out in a Northern Hemisphere’s summer: these are tellurian games though Niantic is an American company, and Pokémon GO came out on Jul 17. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is due out in 2018. It stands to reason that’s going to occur before a leaves spin in a places where they do that.

When a diversion comes out, it’s in Niantic’s best seductiveness to quit players over from Pokémon GO. Yes, cannibalization will be a problem, though a new diversion is always a good opportunity, and it should be probable for players to switch between a dual games, quite if they’re already a high adequate turn in Pokémon GO that they unequivocally usually need to uncover adult for new creatures or Legendaries. Any arrange of inducement we can give for existent players to try out a new diversion gives it a betters shot.

Tying this to a tellurian plea seems like a quite Niantic thing to do, and it would positively make dash to dump a new pretension shortly–or directly–after Pokémon GO’s summer festivities. It would also be arrange of ungainly to dump it before a finish of this plea and ask a actor bottom to collect and choose. This competence seem like a small much, though we don’t consider it’s impossible.

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