Okami HD, Mega Man 11 And Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection All Surpass One Million Sales

A good splattering of Capcom titles accessible on Nintendo Switch have only surpassed a one million sales mark, earning a place on a company’s list of ‘Platinum Titles’.

If you’re unaware, Capcom conveniently keeps a open list of all of a games that beget one million sales; a list has only been updated and shows that Okami HD, Mega Man 11 and Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection have all strike a considerable milestone.

Sadly, a list doesn’t mangle down any diversion by platform, so it’s unfit to know only how many of those million sales were on Switch, though it’s protected to assume that Nintendo’s appurtenance will have played a poignant purpose for any title’s success. Elsewhere, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate has also seen a tiny jump, putting it during 3.3 million units sole as of Sep this year.

If you’re interested, we can go forward and check out a full list right here; you’ll notice a informed Monster Hunter / Resident Evil / Street Fighter thesis during a tip of a list – and via a whole thing, actually.

Do we possess many of these million-sellers? Let us know down below.

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