Odin Sphere’s HD Remake Runs Like A Dream

Odin Sphere for a PlayStation 2 is a gorgeous 2D masterpiece of an movement role-playing diversion with a large slack problem. The high-definition remake, out currently for a PlayStation 3, 4 and Vita, does divided with a game’s one vivid flaw.

Originally published 6/1/2016, updated for recover day.

I’ve been personification an awful lot of Atlus and Vanillaware’s Odin Sphere Leifthrasir over a past week, clocking in around 28 hours notwithstanding attending an anime gathering over a weekend and being sanctified with dual absurd children. Having played by a strange behind in 2007, we was not awaiting to be so bending by a remake, though it usually runs so damn well. See for yourself.

All a beauty and attract of a strange stays intact. The low crafting and cooking system, a interwoven stories, a gratifying and sundry fight system—it’s all here, usually bigger and smoother than ever. It’s like they took a classical automobile and retrofitted it with a souped-up complicated engine.


If we played and loved Odin Sphere behind on a PlayStation 2, really check out a high clarification version. If we didn’t play Odin Sphere behind on a PlayStation 2, that’s an hapless slip that’s now simply remedied.

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