Odin Sphere Leifthrasir – Ending Guide

In Odin Sphere Leifthrasir, there are mixed opposite scenes and endings that change depending on a method we finish a final chapter. While a diversion undisguised tells we how to get a loyal ending, there are other scenes that we need to perspective to get a final ending. The idea is to fill adult a chart, seen below, so that each theatre has been viewed. The simplest approach to do this is to get a loyal finale and afterwards fill in a remaining gaps by personification by a other patterns. However, there is a faster and easier approach to do it.


True Ending

The games loyal finale shows a lot of intuition and is utterly ingenious. The method we need to finish a final section is as follows.

  • Cornelius
  • Oswald
  • Mercedes
  • Velvet
  • Gwendolyn

This method also corresponds with a story of how a universe will end, so fulfilling a prophecy.

Bad Endings

Unlike a loyal end, we don’t need to indeed finish each cycle to clear a special final ending. Start by doing a full run. For this run we advise doing Velvet, Cornelius, Gwendolyn, Oswald and finally Mercedes, The initial partial will be hard, though a after fights should be flattering easy.

For a subsequent dual runs we wish to do Gwendolyn, Mercedes and then Cornelius. Upon completing a third theatre with Cornelius, behind out and name a Wheels of Fate book. The diversion will ask we if we wish to reset your progress, that we need to determine to. You can skip a finale method if you’d like. On your final run do Mercedes, Gwendolyn and finally Oswald. Once we finish a third theatre with Oswald, behind out and open a Wheels of Fate book. This time it should give we an additional prompt and uncover a special loyal ending.

Post Credits ending

Finally, for we prize hunter/completionist out there, there is an additional cutscene after a credits. To clear it, simply wait on a Fin shade and eventually it will play. Doing this will clear an additional cutscene and trophy.

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