‘Odin Sphere Leifthrasir’ Character Guide: Mercedes Tips, Tricks And Recipe/Skill Locations

Welcome behind to a universe of Erion as we start a third partial of a Odin Sphere Leifthrasir character guides, this time featuring Mercedes a Fairy Queen.

Mercedes’ story outlines a median indicate in a game, and interestingly, she’s a customarily impression who meets a rest of a expel (in her possess story or in someone else’s) before a finish of a game. From a gameplay perspective, a diversion has zero new to offer us now, with a customarily new mechanics introduced being ones that regard Mercedes herself.

Things start off a tiny rough, yet with some bid — and assistance — all will work out. Here are a essential things to know about Mercedes a Fairy Queen.

Starting Stats

HP: 105 PP: 18

STR: 15 DEX: 13 ATK: 12
CON: 14 LUC: 15 DEF: 0


Up to this point, a diversion has finished players a use by giving them dual playable characters who play sincerely likewise to any other back-to-back. However, a introduction of Mercedes changes things in a vast way, as she has an collection of traits/mechanics that make personification as her a singular — and infrequently frustrating — experience.

The initial of these traits is her ranged attacks and a effects they have on her POW meter. Every other impression uses m�lange attacks, and their skills use adult a certain commission of their POW meter. Mercedes, however, has ranged attacks, definition that she can conflict and improved enemies before they can even come tighten to her. However, those ranged attacks come during a cost: any conflict takes adult some of a POW meter, definition that Mercedes has a singular volume of attacks she can make before she’s compulsory to stop and reload. Furthermore, she has skills that need POW customarily like everybody else, so between those and her ranged attacks, it’s easy to run out of POW mostly if you’re not profitable attention.

The final of these traits is her flight. Mercedes can straight-up fly and stay aloft, that doubles down on her ability to stay out of operation of several enemies — an critical trait given she has a lowest HP growth. Unfortunately, her actions are exceedingly singular in flight, as she customarily has a ability to dodge, pierce and attack. Other actions, such as restraint and reloading, need to be finished on a ground, so don’t design to stay in a atmosphere for too long.

Between her skills and spells, Mercedes’ clever fit is a latter. The infancy of them don’t have any special effects, such as frozen or overwhelming enemies, yet they element her unchanging attacks and cover her weaknesses nicely, trimming from summoning an fan to assist in her attacks to knocking enemies divided from her if they turn too numerous.

Even yet Mercedes has a ability to fly, conflict a titillate to do so while on a attack. Aside from receiving a pacifist ability that boosts her repairs on a ground, as mentioned before, she can’t reload while in flight. There are times to do so, though, such as when perplexing to strike an rivalry who is on an betterment that pointed attacks can’t strech or sophistry a staggered trainer — yet her ability to do so will never compare that of other characters.

Lastly, there’s Brionac, Mercedes’ ultimate attack. It excels opposite mixed targets yet loses efficacy opposite a singular smaller foe. It doesn’t have any imagination attributes, yet it ends with her in a atmosphere (if we let it), so there’s no genuine risk of a counterattack, should anything survive.

Recommended Skills/Spells

In a end, players will need to turn adult all of Mercedes’ abilities — both active and pacifist — in sequence to maximize her stats, yet some of them are improved than others and should be prioritized. Here’s what they are:

Round Shot (Active): Mercedes continues a trend of carrying her initial skill/spell be one of her many useful. The spell is radically a hulk bullet that not customarily pierces mixed enemies, yet covers a vast area (thus attack enemies customarily out of her reach) and interrupts attacks.

Phozon Burst (Active): This is Mercedes’ panic spell. Whenever we find yourself removing swarmed by enemies, regardless of either they’re during a front or back, use this spell to strike them behind and to a floor. At that point, we can use a newly-gained respirating room to reload, reposition or reanimate yourself. As an total bonus, a spell also deals repairs — creation it multipurpose.

Hunter Shot (Active): This spell creates 3 sorcery orbs that lane enemies around a screen. While a repairs — as good as a ability to pierce enemies — is nice, a loyal value lies in a ability to sojourn active while Mercedes is repositioning herself or reloading. One of Mercedes’ biggest weaknesses is a difficulty she has with building and progressing a high combo count. This spell eliminates that weakness.

Unlimited Ammo (Active): This spell does accurately what it sounds like it does: gives Mercedes gigantic ammo for a tiny duration of time, effectively expelling her biggest weakness.

Spirit Call (Active): Mercedes summons a tiny series of fairies that glow brazen whenever she attacks. In all instances, this is a DPS increase, yet when total with a “Unlimited Ammo” spell, it turns Mercedes into an comprehensive savage able of ripping by a boss’ health by customarily mashing square. The customarily debility with this combo is that a PP cost is rather high.

Banshee Call (Active): This pierce functions like Spirit Call, solely a shots from a summoned fairies rebound along a belligerent instead of drifting true forward. At initial glance, this competence make it seem defective to Spirit Call, yet it can indeed transcend a aforementioned ability in DPS if used appropriately. Specifically, a bullets have a trenchant effect, permitting them to strike mixed smaller enemies or a vast one mixed times, so prolonged as they stay on a ground. Just like with Spirit Call, this spell can be used in and with Unlimited Ammo to severely boost Mercedes’ repairs output.

Assault High (Passive): Allows Mercedes to understanding some-more repairs a aloft her combo count. This is rather tough to take advantage of, that is because Hunter Shot — and Unlimited Ammo and Spirit Call, to a obtuse border — are critical skills for her to use.

First Shot (Passive): Allows a special shot Mercedes creates after not banishment for a while to assign faster, permitting for quicker use. Self-explanatory.

Skill Link (Passive): Lets Mercedes understanding some-more repairs to enemies formed on how many skills she uses in a combo. Again, Hunter Shot is pivotal to holding full advantage of this passive.

Skill/Recipe Locations

Now that we have an thought of what skills we should be using, here’s a set of maps (found on wikisp, edited thereafter) to assistance we find them. As an total bonus, a locations of alchemy and food recipes have also been listed.

Key: S = Starting Point, B = Battle Stage, R = Rest Area, H = Hidden Room, Boss = Boss Room

Chapter 1:

Chapter 1, The Deep Forest Of Elrit

Round Shot – B2
Phozon Burst – H, go to a room next B7 and pierce right on a height vaporous by leaflet on a center level
First Shot – Clear Chapter 1

Chapter 2:

Chapter 2, Ringford, Forest Of Fairies

Drain – B1
Slip Slide – B3
Power Recovery – H, go inside a room where we need to be mini, afterwards conduct right
Spread Shot – Clear Chapter 2

Chapter 3:

Chapter 3, Winterhorn Ridge

Assault High – B3
Mulberry Tart – Chest in leftmost room past B3
Salad – Vendor (eat 3 times to clear Mandra Salad)
Whirlwind – B2
Inventory Expansion – B7
Pixie Call – B5
Hunter Shot – Clear Chapter 3

Chapter 4:

Chapter 4, Capital Alleyways

Energy Shot – B2
Turny Mousse – Locked chest in room left of B3
Quiche Lorraine – Vendor
Mandragora March – H, Behind sealed embankment in R1
Inventory Expansion – Behind sealed doorway in R2
Yogurt – B8
Flash Shot – Clear Chapter 4

Chapter 5:

Chapter 5, Netherworld Endelphia

Shrimp Doria – Vendor
Salmon Escabeche – Chest in room right of B3 (eat 3 times to clear Muggle Escabeche)
Banshee Call – B3
Unseeable – B5
Skill Link – H, enter a room next B8 and conduct right
Inventory Expansion – B9
Unlimited Ammo – Clear Chapter 5

Chapter 6:

Chapter 6, Volkenon Lava Pit

Praline – Vendor
Burst Rain – B3
Overload – B6
Inventory Expansion – B9
Critical Heal – Use blue fire from B5 to open doorway in R2
Lunarside Shot – Clear Chapter 6


Epilogue, Storming Battlefields

Elixir – B1
Brionac – B4
Consommé – Chest in a bottom-most room
Fruit and Nut Strudel – Open sealed doorway between B8 and B9
Earth Roar – Look above a hulk pot in a room above a one between B8 and B9
Spirit Call – Clear Epilogue

There it is — all we need to contend with 100 percent certainty that you’ve performed all a skills and food/alchemy recipes with Mercedes. Next adult is Oswald, a Shadow Knight, who exchanges a finesse, speed and other attributes of a other 3 characters for tender power.

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