Obtain Zeraora for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Starting Today

The launch of Lost Thunder for a Pokémon TCG is entrance subsequent month. In credentials for a arrival, trainers can check out a facilities Pokémon starting today! Zeraora is now accessible to locate for your duplicate of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

This Mythical Electric-type Pokémon is featured in Pokémon a Movie: The Power of Us. It has lightning quick skills and packs a absolute punch. It will come during turn 50 with a Volt Absorb ability. Attacks embody Thunder, Close Combat, Thunder Punch and a signature pierce Plasma Fist. An Air Balloon is a hold object that creates Zeraora defence to Ground-type attacks until it is popped.

Visit any participating GameStop plcae from Oct 19 until Nov 9 to collect adult a download label and supplement Zeraora to a game!


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