Oasis Review: The New ‘Overwatch’ Control Map Is A Blast

Credit: Blizzard; Screengrab: Erik Kain

The recover of new characters and maps in Blizzard’s superb multiplayer shooter, Overwatch, is a special kind of treat.

For one thing, they’re all free. You bucket a game, there’s a brief update, and voila! New giveaway content, all discriminating and glossy and prepared to play.

The new map, Oasis, usually landed, and I’ve spent a garland of time over a past integrate days personification it exclusively. Here’s some impressions.


Oasis is a “Control” map, definition we conflict opposite a other group for control of points opposite 3 areas.

Matches take a form of best dual out of three, definition in any given compare we might usually play dual of a new zones, yet if teams are sincerely uniformly matched you’ll mostly play all three.

The 3 zones are all flattering varied. One has a control indicate in a big, open locus with lots of high ledges to torpedo enemies from, and high walls that can yield cover for retreat.

Another is a some-more enclosed space, with a garland of entrances from above and below, heading to frenetic, close-quarters chaos.

The third is a center belligerent between a two, still sincerely open with lots of opposite entrance points and ledges, though not utterly as ethereal as a first.


The map itself is an Arabic-themed area, with palm trees and sand and sleek, domed buildings disproportionate with vines. It’s a unconventional Dubai, and it’s lovely.

Of course, you’ll mostly be focused on violence a other team, and how irritating Mei is, and things like that, though a new map is really a cold new further in terms of aesthetics.

I also adore how it plays. Each section is a square, basically, rather than a longer Assault or Escort maps. And any section is easily layered, giving players lots of room to play with verticality. Of course, any map also has a garland of opposite approaches, permitting we to pierce in on a control indicate from several avenues and try out lots of opposite strategies.


All told, Oasis is a good new further to Overwatch. It’s not my favorite map—and Control isn’t my favorite mode—but it is my new favorite Control map.

Overwatch continues to evolve, grow and urge with time. New giveaway maps like Oasis usually strengthen my faith that a diversion is one of a best shooters to come out in years. My usually censure is that it’s distant too addictive, and Oasis is usually contributing to that addiction.

Right now we can play Oasis-only-mode in the Arcade. Hop on and give it a spin.

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