Nvidia’s 397.31 GeForce drivers are causing a PC reset loop for some users [Update]

According to some reports in a Nvidia forums, a latest GeForce v397.31 drivers, that were expelled dual days ago on Wednesday, are causing PC reset loops for some users. The complaints seem to come especially from those with a 1060 card, though a emanate is inspiring opposite systems too.

Affected users can implement a drivers as normal, though on restarting a Windows system, they are again stirred to finish a install, that afterwards loops with a restart in between. A few of a standard issues from users can be noticed below:

Windows 8.1 64 Bit – GTX 1060 6Gb – 397.31 was offering by Geforce knowledge after implement it asked for a restart (which it has not on prior installs of drivers around Geforce experience) after restart i mislaid my second shade and open hardware guard showed no GFX info,a cocktail adult tells me to force reinstall driver, this did not work and kept doing same thing restart force reinstall, subsequent i attempted a purify implement still same problem so went to Nvidia drivers and re downloaded 391.35 problem solved i theory a new motorist has issues – Nvidia forums

What a ruin my 1060 6gb won’t refurbish to 397.31!!!
updated windows manually Iv uninstilled a drivers and reinstalled them from there website authority proms a lot in a finish we had to got behind to 391.35 contrition since we wish a drivers for conflict tech and it don’t even work!
expected some-more from nvidia any assistance conclude – Nvidia forums

I´ve GTX780. After instaling a new Driver, Forza Horizon 3 will go behind to Desktop with no summary of an error. Try to implement a aged Driver.

Update: With a aged Driver it work excellent again – Nvidia forums

In addition, it appears that a motorist refurbish prompt is being offering on systems that are no longer supported, where it fails with “installation can't continue” that appears to be a whole new emanate on label showing and eligibility.

Right now there appears to be a operative method to hurl behind to v391.35. Affected users need to download a comparison motorist and a Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) software. The subsequent step is to reboot into protected mode and uninstall a v397.31 motorist regulating DDU, we can afterwards foot routinely and install a comparison v391.35 drivers.

So far, a subject on a Nvidia forums has reached 8 pages, but support from an Nvidia representative.

Source: Nvidia forums around HEXUS

Update Apr 28: Nvidia patron caring responded to a topic on page 9:

We are wakeful of a emanate preventing a motorist from installing on a really tiny subset of GeForce GTX 1060 cards. For now continue regulating a prior motorist with your Palit GeForce GTX 1060 label until we yield a solution.

In lieu of regulating a third celebration DDU app to mislay a bad drivers (see above), we can also opt to “clean install” a comparison (391.35) drivers, on that Nvidia will try to entirely mislay a bad arrangement motorist before installing them.

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