NRG signs 17-year-old Overwatch pro sinatraa for $150K

Sep 3, 2017

North American Overwatch star Jay “sinatraa” Won has sealed a $150,000-per-year agreement with NRG Esports and assimilated NRG’s Overwatch League roster, sources tighten to both parties told ESPN.

Overwatch League, North American LCS conduct in opposite directions

The North American League of Legends Championship Series and a Overwatch League are on a fork of formulating outrageous moments in esports. Their approaches to changing a rival gaming landscape, though, couldn’t be some-more different.

  • OWL announces customary actor agreement terms

    The arriving Overwatch League has adopted new regulations and standards around actor signings and salaries, a league’s developer Blizzard Entertainment announced Wednesday.

  • Cloud9 buys London, Kroenkes squeeze L.A. Overwatch League spots

    Blizzard has announced a sale of dual some-more spots for a Overwatch League. Europe will get illustration by London and Cloud9, and L.A. sole a second mark to a Kroenke family.

  • The 17-year-old’s income is $100,000 per year above a joining minimum, with revenue-sharing options available, sources said. He is entitled, alongside his destiny teammates, to 50 percent of group bonuses, per Overwatch League rules.

    The high income comes after a brawl between NRG Esports and Cloud9, that both attempted to finish agreements with a player, sources said. Through a rival behest fight that lifted a income by scarcely $50,000, sinatraa and his mom — who is compulsory to pointer a agreement since he is a teenager — eventually sealed with NRG. NRG Esports declined to comment.

    Sinatraa is reuniting with former manager and Selfless Gaming co-owner Brad Rajani, who is now a conduct manager and manager of NRG Esports Overwatch team. Sinatraa left Selfless after a classification disbanded on Jul 7.

    Sinatraa is deliberate one of a best North American DPS players and perceived seductiveness from a series of impending teams. Over a final few months, he has competed as partial of a North American Overwatch World Cup team. That group will contest on Nov. 3-4, with a opening compare opposite South Korea, during Blizzard’s annual BlizzCon in Anaheim, California.

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