Now is a ideal time to buy a PlayStation 4 — here are 16 …

The PlayStation 4 is a illusory video diversion console.

PlayStation 4Sony

Maybe we already have one? Over 60 million people already do, and that’s since it’s a good system: It’s quick and easy to use, it’s got good games, and it does lots of cold stuff!

Maybe you’re not convinced? That’s possible: $299 is a lot of income to drop. But that cost includes some-more than a console — you’ll also get a good diversion like “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.”

uncharted 4This is severely what “Uncharted 4” looks like. It’s a stunner.Sony

In box that doesn’t pull we over a edge, here are 16 good reasons to collect adult a PlayStation 4 right now.

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