Now all ‘Overwatch’ players can revisit Junkertown

In Overwatch lore, Junkertown is a aroused limit allotment that Junkrat and Roadhog call home. On tip of a new map, a game’s patch includes dual tiny tweaks to Mercy and D.Va that a group announced final month to change a candid characters. The swift healer is removing an wholly new ultimate, Valkyrie, that gives her total moody and ammo, while her revive has been downgraded to a unchanging ability that usually revives one favourite during a time. D.Va’s Defense Matrix drains twice as fast, though she has a new skill, Micro Missiles, for favoured area-of-effect damage. Read a full patch records here.

Finally, if we haven’t picked a diversion adult yet, try out Overwatch for free from Sep 22nd to 25th.

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