No Walkman’s Sky? No Man’s Sky developers send puzzling cassette tapes to Reddit

What’s on a tapes? Pure hype or a genuine ‘reaching out’? The Spinoff’s No Man’s Sky match Josh Drummond on what is proof to be a genuine conduct scratcher. 

This post will be updated as the story progresses, so check behind often.

After a launch that competence be charitably described as “mixed” and uncharitably as an “unadulterated clustercuss” (plus dual still and well-received vital updates) a developers of No Man’s Sky seem to be stoking a game’s long-dormant hype train.

Sixteen moderators of No Man’s Sky-devoted subreddits r/NoMansSkyTheGame, r/NMSportals and r/NMSGalacticHub any perceived cassette tapes, numbered from 1 – 16. What’s on a tapes is now unknown, though reader conjecture is using prevalent on Reddit.

“No Man’s Sky is removing ported to Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum (sorry no Amstrad CPC chronicle I’m afraid) and all a Reddit mods have perceived giveaway allege copies!” suggested u/Grubblett, in what is substantially sarcasm, though overtly we never know with No Man’s Sky.

“Half-Life 3 confirmed?” memed u/Johnnyoneshot.

Other readers surmised that developer Hello Games had self-destructed and were “13 Reasons Why-ing” their fans.

This contributor suggests, boringly, that it is substantially low-key viral selling for an arriving update, and hopes they’ll put in multiplayer and operative portals this time.

Update: 7/06/2017: 

Drama reigns! Some of a mods, for inexplicable, evil reasons, have declined to share their tapes! Here’s u/edgarsoft with a prohibited take:

“Is unequivocally unhappy to see that some Mods have motionless not to share it’s fasten content, putting a decoding operation during risk. They have to know that one approach or a other, a village will know during some indicate what HG have in stores for us. Then they will have to face a fact that a Internet never forget nor forgive. At that indicate they will substantially be downvoted out of existence perpetually and ever.”

You see that? DOWNVOTED OUT OF EXISTENCE  FOREVER AND EVER. A predestine worse than genocide itself.

oh wait they’ve common a tapes now.

GET HYPE though indeed don’t, it’s substantially a good thought to take a totalled seductiveness in a theme during hand

All of a tapes so distant have had a hexadecimal series seem when run by a sonic visualiser / song modifying procedure like Audacity. The conjuration series translates to “PORTAL”.

So yeah, Half-Life 3 1000% confirmed.

This contributor thinks that if it turns out that all any of a tapes enclose is a word PORTAL and there’s no deeper calm to be found that a star will substantially fall underneath a weight of perfect irony, though hopefully that isn’t a case.

Update: 12/06/2017

Well, this has taken a turn. It seems that whatever Hello Games are adult to is entwined with an existent ARG called Waking Titan. Here is u/UnimatrixZeroOne, r/NoMansSkyTheGame mod, with this excellently awake explanation:

“Upon serve inspection, a formula had been passed forsaken in NYC that day. When converting a formula (MDEzRDowMDc4OjA3MjQ6MDA1Ng==) from base64 to ASCII, a fibre “013D:0078:0724:0056” was revealed. At 2352 CST, user aggressive-cat (swampthing3000 had alerted us to it in a server before many of us had seen aggressive-cat had initial detected it) had posted a criticism indicating they had trafficked to a complement a coordinates were for and detected a summary procedure left by user “instance16status” and a summary was “LOOP16 UNEXPECTED ERROR: 97C-303N-5884-P.” 97C-303N-5884-P incited out to be a cue to finish a stream proviso of a Waking Titan ARG. The summary was found on a PC version, we have not perceived acknowledgment either or not it is on PS4 as well. Various users have combined threads on a Waking Titan ARG, some explaining because they trust a dual are linked.” 

What does all this mean? we have positively no idea, and conjunction do you. ARGs, or alternate-reality games, are orchestrated mysteries for people who don’t find mysterious crosswords amply confusing. They make my conduct hurt. What is transparent is that whatever Waking Titan is, it’s connected to No Man’s Sky, that is now opposed for a pretension of best internet hype metagame ever.

This contributor hopes they are are creation their fine space diversion improved too, ideally with multiplayer.

More as it develops. The good people of Reddit are following a poser here.

The Spinoff has formerly documented No Man’s Sky with a “mostly harmless” review, as good as stories about a terrible hype a diversion gifted before a inevitable backlash on release.

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