No, Steam Isn’t Offering ‘Special Exemptions’ For No Man’s Sky Refunds

No Man’s Sky is not a diversion a lot of people wanted it to be. Over a weekend, people sought refunds en masse, and many reported that retailers like Amazon, Steam, and PSN offering umbrella or scarcely umbrella refunds. That’s not wholly true.

No Man’s Sky refunds became a contention subject du jour on sites like Twitter, NeoGAF, and Reddit, and users began recounting their success stories. Some reported that they’d managed to fist money from Amazon, Steam, and PSN notwithstanding set-in-stone reinstate policies, that led to widespread reports like this one.

The gist? They claimed that those stores—especially Steam—had waived policies like a 14-day limit volume of time given squeeze and, in PSN’s case, a sweeping anathema on refunding downloaded games. This notwithstanding a fact that users were passing around tips—for instance, citing technical issues and seeking to pronounce to live plead member instead of promulgation emails—to get around customary reinstate policies.


In response to these reports, Steam combined an orange (Valve’s central tone for Serious Words) framed disclaimer to No Man’s Sky’s page: “The customary Steam reinstate process relates to No Man’s Sky. There are no special exemptions available. Click here for some-more fact on a Steam reinstate policy.”

I’ve reached out to both Sony and Amazon, nonetheless they’ve nonetheless to respond to my inquiries.


While all of this was going on, a contention surrounding refunds exhilarated up, with some indicating out that if you’ve spent 30, 40, or 50 hours with a game, you’re good past a indicate of a refund. Heck, that implies we competence even like it!

Shahid Kamal Ahmad, a former Sony executive who helped secure PlayStation’s No Man’s Sky exclusive, went so distant as to say, “If you’re removing a reinstate after personification a diversion for 50 hours you’re a thief.” He added, “We’re not articulate about a consumer product in a bureau sense. We’re articulate about a work of art. You can’t usually provide it like a widget.”

However, others countered that No Man’s Sky was presumably gonna final players until a finish of time—or during slightest for hundreds and hundreds of hours. Yeah, that’s a ridiculous expectation, nonetheless a game’s selling didn’t do most to lard it. The diversion didn’t live adult to all of a hype, and it shipped with technical issues to boot. In some players’ minds, that’s adequate to validate it for an difference to reinstate rules.

Given that No Man’s Sky has sold utterly well and seems morally favourite by people who weren’t swallowed by a selling machine, raging players competence be a outspoken minority. That creates it tough to sign how widespread refunds and reinstate requests indeed are. SteamSpy, for instance, noted that while a game’s series of owners stopped growing, that competence usually be domain of blunder talking. People also danced on a game’s grave when a active actor count forsaken precipitously after launch, nonetheless that too was premature. As PC Gamer points out, dear games like The Witcher 3, Doom, and Metal Gear Solid V saw actor depends dump likewise in a month following their recover dates.


That’s not to contend a game’s gonna final folks a million-billion years in a approach they’d hoped. Rather, it shows that it does have an appeal, and utterly a few people are digging it. It’s usually not a accurate interest some people wanted it to have. That’s a large adhering point.

This whole occurrence is value deliberation from a broader perspective, though. We now find ourselves held in a crossfire between expectations and reality, with selling and consumer enlightenment sitting on a sidelines, egging them on. Questions follow. Is it ever reasonable to ask for a reinstate after spending 50 goddamn hours with a game, given that many of a biggest, best games offer significantly less? When a stakes are literally All Of Time, does it even make clarity to magnitude a value of a diversion in hours? Could it ever measure adult to expectations? Are selling and showy promises entirely to censure here, or did some people also conjure adult The Ultimate Video Game in their imaginations?

Perhaps even some-more of a problem is that, once again, people bought promises rather than a video game. Game growth is alone difficult and, to an extent, unpredictable. Pre-release hype cycles run discordant to this, and they mostly lead to letdowns. As prolonged as conversations continue to concentration on hype rather than tangible games, this will keep happening. Obsessing over trailers, PR, and breathless nonsense that competence or competence not have anything to do with a diversion we’re indeed gonna play—it’s a shitty approach for us to plead video games. The usually people who advantage from it are diversion publishers. Players of their games, meanwhile, suffer.

No Man’s Sky clearly isn’t everybody’s crater of tea, and that’s fine. But it’s also an interesting, desirous diversion on a possess merits, and we worry that a competition to be The Most Outraged, Best Consumer in a arise of selling jive (and some ungrounded expectations) is eclipsing that. In a complicated age of hype cycles and unconstrained information trickles, no diversion gets to exist quite on a possess terms, nonetheless No Man’s Sky competence be removing a rawest understanding yet. When it was initial unveiled, greeted by a sea of starry eyes and forsaken jaws, it landed in a accurate right place during a right time. The diversion was a baseball, lobbed true during The Zeitgeist’s noggin. Flash brazen a integrate years, and we see what happens when that round whizzes by and lands in a stands. Hint: it ain’t pretty.

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