No Man’s Sky’s Waking Titan ARG is back, and fans are perplexing to figure it all out again

No Man’s Sky’s entertainingly involved Waking Titan ARG appears to be back, and fans are picking detached a puzzling messages in a bid to work out what competence be subsequent for Hello Games’ ever-expanding space game.

Waking Titan began meting out a delicately orchestrated parade of online and real-world enigmas shortly after it was detected in May final year. Before long, participants had related it to No Man’s Sky, and it eventually culminated, some 3 months later, with the recover of a game’s 1.3 update, also famous as Atlas Rises. There’s a good outline video of a whole ARG so distant by YouTuber CobraTV below.

Atlas Rises combined an huge array of facilities and improvements to No Man’s Sky, including a mint story, interstellar portals, a new visitor race, improvements to exploration, flight, and trading, incidentally generated quests, and even a beginnings of multiplayer co-op. It was a large ‘un, and managed to rekindle my primarily ephemeral unrestrained for a diversion into a 200+ hour obsession.

When refurbish 1.3 launched, Hello Games called it “an critical initial step into a star of synchronous commune in No Man’s Sky”, and fans have been energetically available a attainment of a new refurbish – hopefully featuring serve improvements to multiplayer – ever since.

Now that a Waking Titan ARG appears to have spluttered behind to life, many fans trust that a recover of No Man’s Sky’s subsequent large refurbish is, if not accurately imminent, being teased and on a way.

At present, as chronicled by a useful Waking Titan Wiki, investigations are mostly focussed on a Waking Titan website. As of late Dec final year, a tenth of 15 glyphs has been unlocked; clicking a glyph during a bottom of a site brings adult a cue entrance shade and a couple to a Google Drive folder featuring a array of images reflected in mirrors. There’s also a matter of Sean Murray’s suspiciously timely Black Mirror chatter subsequent too.

Neither a cue or a aptitude of a mirrors (interestingly, a titles of a photos, when strung together, also furnish an anagram for “mirror” in hexidecimal) is nonetheless known.

Better swell has been done on a authority entrance apportionment of a site. Prior to a launch of refurbish 1.3, inputting specific commands on a depot shade elicited certain responses. Since December, fans have detected a array of tantalising new responses to aged commands. Typing in “WhoIs”, for instance, earnings a value “#WhatIs1.5”.

That’s immediately intriguing, and somewhat confounding, given that a subsequent approaching No Man’s Sky refurbish is 1.4. Some fans are assured that Hello Games competence be staid to surprise-launch a 1.4 refurbish any day now (it’s been roughly 3 months given 1.3 launched, and prior updates have expelled each 3 months or so, a meditative goes), while a ARG focusses on a vital 1.5 update. Of course, “1.5” competence impute to something else entirely.

One of a earthy Atlas Passes now in dissemination (Source: Waking Titan Wiki).

As for what refurbish 1.5 competence embody on a arrival, that’s anyone speculation right now. One speculation nonetheless (based on a fact that a authority “WhoAmI” earnings a “not nonetheless unlocked” value, rather than a general blunder message) is that 1.5 competence concede players to conclude an avatar-style participation for themselves in-game, prepared for a stretched multiplayer – that could also explain a repeated “mirror” theme. Currently, other players are represented by elementary floating orbs when together on a same planet.

The usually other famous nonplus square during benefaction is tied to a earthy Atlas Passes that certain participants in a prior ARG proviso have begun to receive. These embody a array of hexidecimals that can be decoded to review “phoenix”. Some have speculated that this implies No Man’s Sky’s star is due for another reset come a subsequent update.

With this latest proviso of a Waking Titan ARG clearly usually only beginning, it could be a while before No Man’s Sky’s new mysteries are solved. It’s sparkling to watch unfold, though.

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