No Man’s Sky Waking Titan ARG points to Aug 1.3 update

No Man’s Sky Waking Titan ARG points to Aug 1.3 update

The latest document from a formidable No Man’s Sky ARG indicates that refurbish 1.3 for a diversion will be entrance in August. Initiated behind during a start of June, a ‘Waking Titan’ swap existence diversion has used perplexing audio and logistical puzzles directed during a No Man’s Sky community.

I’ve positively not followed a ARG routine in any suggestive way, though we can review a outline of events on this reddit thread. The aspect impending to those who are still available some-more No Man’s Sky diversion updates is a newest request (linked above) that mentions “the execution of Project Waking Titan in August”.

It goes on to contend that “Input from a Mercury Subroutine will pave a approach towards new practice in chronicle 1.3”. The final patch expelled for a diversion was 1.24 (Path Finder) during a end of March. ARG papers don’t accurately endorse an Aug 1.3 refurbish outright, though that looks like what all of this has been indicating towards.

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