‘No Man’s Sky’ Updates For PS4, PC Still In The Works, Hello Games Confirms

No Man’s Sky was final updated in March, and we haven’t listened many from a game’s developers since. As a argumentative pretension nears a one-year, anniversary, however, Hello Games wants a fans to know that some-more PS4 and PC updates are coming.

The acknowledgment in doubt was posted on Twitter late final week and has usually recently garnered open attention. When asked if a group was still building No Man’s Sky, a Hello Games central comment replied “we are.” When pulpy serve for increasing communication a following day, a comment combined “we’re here, don’t worry.”

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As those who follow No Man’s Sky closely will know, prolonged durations of overpower have been customary for a march given a recover final August. Following heated fan recoil over undelivered features, rumors fast emerged that, in a months after launch, Hello Games’ offices had been abandoned. The group returned with a Foundation Update in Nov and a Path Finder Update in March. In other words, waits of 3 to 4 months between vital additions have turn a standard.

Also evil of a studio, however, there’s not many we know about what to design from a probable destiny update. While a Path Finder Update was preceded by information mining and leaks, a usually clues we have about what’s subsequent clearly describe to a reintroduction of a pre-release feature. However, given that spirit arrived scarcely dual months ago, it might not even be accurate today.

With courtesy to what No Man’s Sky players would like to see, there’s been lots of discuss and contention about large-scale space combat, suggestive factions and multiplayer interaction. Even if those concepts aren’t as entirely satisfied as Hello Games might have creatively intended, it’d be a plain uncover of good faith to finally move those facilities to a game. This is generally loyal deliberation a immeasurable infancy of this title’s ardent fan bottom has clearly left this space scrutiny epic behind.

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While not many has been going on with No Man’s Sky in terms of updates, there have been a few pivotal studio changes that advise a diversion has entered a bequest theatre of development. Late final year and into early 2017, Hello mislaid programmers and designers to new positions. A new programmer and executive were brought in to fill those empty slots. Staff shuffles during a game’s post-release months are sincerely common in a games industry, however, so a changes aren’t indispensably means for alarm.

No Man’s Sky expelled final Aug as one of 2016’s many expected games. However, in a days after launch, it fast became apparent that Hello had to downsize some of a betrothed aspirations to accommodate that recover deadline. Project lead Sean Murray was targeted with threats, lawsuits and was even forced to throw talk appearances. The pretension became a victim and fun for months to come. Updates have given malleable a greeting a bit, though many explorers never returned.

No Man’s Sky is accessible now on PS4 and PC. If patterns are any indication, we might be conference something from a group soon.

What do we wish to see from No Man’s Sky’s subsequent large update? Are we even still interested? Tell us in a comments section!

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