No Man’s Sky Updated Again; Here Are The Patch Notes

With a launch of the Atlas Rises update a week and a half ago, No Man’s Sky is a dramatically opposite diversion than it was during release. But with such a outrageous renovate comes an collection of bugs and issues that need to be fixed. Today, developer Hello Games expelled a patch on PS4 and PC that serves to residence some of those problems.

The refurbish includes a series of quality-of-life improvements, including softened binocular scanning, tweaked audio cues, and fixes for grave and alighting icons. It also facilities some tiny changes to a game’s procedural era algorithms, such as preventing trees from spawning so that they shave by buildings.

This is a third patch given Atlas Rises was released; Hello Games appears to be regulating a diversion during a most faster intonation now. You can see a full patch records during a bottom of this article.

Atlas Rises dramatically altered a structure, appearance, and calm of No Man’s Sky. Among many other things, it combined a new story, portals, softened visuals, and a simple form of multiplayer. You can review about everything that Atlas Rises includes here.

Patch 1.33 Notes:

  • Fixed emanate where actor bases were given a name “Unknown Base” rather than a generated name
  • Fixed S-class ships carrying improper pricing and numbers of slots
  • Added rockets to starting boat in artistic default save game
  • Added new idol for solo problem AI ships
  • Fixed Albumen Pearl plants regulating a wrong name on their communication labels
  • Fixed a alighting pen being manifest in some warrior cockpits
  • Fixed texturing emanate seen with some combinations of AMD GPU and drivers
  • Added and softened audio during a finale of a Atlas path
  • Added and softened audio for turf editing
  • Improved audio for missions
  • Improvement to car boost timings
  • Made pen for singular graves stay adult for a same time as other intent markers
  • Prevented trees in solidified biomes spawning tighten to or intersecting buildings
  • Fixed emanate where travelling by a centre of a universe could infrequently take we behind to a same galaxy
  • Fixed emanate where goal waypoints on a galactic map would not be for your stream mission
  • Improved UI blunder messages relating to missions on a galactic map
  • Improved boat speed outlay on boat HUD
  • Increased superintendence for anticipating Convergence Cubes as partial of a scientist mission
  • Prevented some tutorials (for instance for life support) from being shown in your log
  • Prevented Artemis being manifest in a holohub after they should have left
  • Protected opposite some cases where missions can send we to repository that has already been destroyed
  • Improved binocular scanning for credentials objects
  • Prevented binocular scanning flicking between mixed objects
  • Added ability to indicate all building forms and bound their displayed names
  • Added ability to indicate ships
  • Fixed content truncation on binocular HUD
  • Added a choice to arrangement temperatures in Celcius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin regardless of locale
  • Fixed arrangement of longer world names on a find page UI
  • Added ability to cancel in swell missions
  • Added coterie icons on a galactic map
  • Improved boat doing when upholder upgrades are installed
  • Fixed goal notifications display an improper idol for Electron Vapour
  • Fixed an emanate where portals you’ve returned by could not be updated to a opposite address
  • Improved visuals around icons for opposite inventories
  • Added joypad and keyboard controls for switching between inventories
  • Fixed galactic map display joypad prompts for changing filters when personification on rodent and keyboard
  • Fixed emanate where players could remove a teleport end they indispensable to finish a Mind Arc mission
  • Fixed players removing stranded in an communication with a armourer if they hadn’t nonetheless built a terminal
  • Fix for visible artifacts from pure objects display by a diverge effect
  • Reduced cases where turf modifying changes are mislaid when reloading a save
  • Reduced problem of a final armourer mission
  • Improved low moody mode handling
  • Fixed pile-up in fibre interpretation when loading certain saves
  • Added blank indicate eventuality idol to a Antimatter tutorial
  • Fixed turf editor being built with full charge
  • Fixed occasional hang in displaying some multi-byte characters
  • Improved saving and loading of turf edits
  • Fixed emanate where upgrading from a prior save would means actor bases to be floating or underground
  • Fixed really occasional pile-up in rendering
  • Fixed occasional pile-up relating to destructible objects
  • Prevented a communication camera spasmodic triggering during inapt times
  • Fixed a Farmer displaying a wrong content for their final mission
  • Prevented pinned missions spasmodic being deselected on warp
  • Fixed emanate where players could turn stranded in a final atlas station
  • Improved automatically selecting missions from NPCs in your bottom when they begin
  • Improved pricing of bottom building tools in normal mode

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