No Man’s Sky Update Version 1.75 Full Patch Notes Revealed For PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Hello Games has expelled a full set of patch records for Visions, that is No Man’s Sky refurbish chronicle 1.75. This will launch for a PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Visions refurbish was leaked earlier by a central No Man’s Sky channel that had a video for a refurbish totally unlisted though still uploaded on a channel. Later today, Hello Games strictly suggested No Man’s Sky refurbish chronicle 1.75 that is patrician Visions.

In further to suggested this patch update, Hello Games has also common a full set of patch records that fact many of a new additions and other bug fixes that are a partial of this update.

No Man’s Sky Update Version 1.75 Full Patch Notes Revealed For PS4, Xbox One, and PC


Discover a some-more varied, some-more opposite star in a Visions update. Introducing new heavenly biomes, some-more charming worlds, new fauna and flora, archaeology, salvaging, and most more…


New supernatural world biomes emanate a weirder, some-more opposite star to explore.


Bizarre creatures have developed on supernatural planets, bringing new life and transformation to these scary landscapes.


The star has turn some-more alien, colourful and sparkling to explore. New shades of sky and weed capacitate some-more singular worlds and a some-more opposite set of scholarship novella aesthetics.


New forms of H2O emanate foreigner worlds to be detected both above and next a surface.


Atmospherics and skies have been softened and inclement continue conditions can now produce rainbows in heavenly atmospheres.


Exotic planets can be searched to learn puzzling artifacts that can be claimed as trophies. These illusory objects can be rehoused in habitable bases to emanate a showcase of your voyages opposite a universe.


With some-more sundry planets come some-more reasons to explore. Unleash your middle archeologist and hunt a star for planets containing a ancient skeleton of visitor lifeforms. Complete, total skeletons are quite singular and generally valuable.


Unearth a long-forgotten stays of depressed satellites and throw them for salvagable parts. Explorers contingency use their multitool to idle a reinforced surrounding and remove a profitable record within… though risk sketch a courtesy of new, challenging, depraved sentry drones.


Those who continue a dangerous storms that blast impassioned planets can find out changed new clear treasures. These fantastic healthy formations turn luminescent during a misfortune weather, and can be collected by courageous explorers to be traded for a tiny fortune.


New varieties of dangerous flora can now be found growing opposite a galaxies, prepared to trap a thoughtless and prerogative a cautious. Carnivorous trap plants and magisterial gas flora can be separated from afar, or delicately approached for additional piece rewards.


Certain planets now underline bizarre visitor stone creatures who will try to rush a feverishness of a mining laser. Mine these exile minerals to remove strong apparatus rewards.


A new Community Research idea allows explorers to share swell and work towards a common goal.

Discover a Visions star together to clear a new Eye of a Korvax helmet…

…as good as good as new emotes, building tools and a operation of fireworks to applaud any occasion.


Crashed freighters are now procedurally generated, with dozens of probable configurations. Explore opposite pile-up site layouts and carve a trail with your multitool to collect a profitable load buried nearby.

Patch Notes:

Missions and Progression

  • Fixed an emanate where players could be prevented from earning a giveaway freighter in a tutorial.
  • Allowed a Dreams of a Deep idea to detect if a a Nautilon Chamber had been built circuitously before a idea started.
  • ⁠Fixed an emanate where missions that visited trade terminals could allege but their design being completed.
  • Fixed an emanate that prevented aloft turn Aeration Membrane ascent modules from appearing in a Space Station tech shops.
  • Fixed an emanate that prevented Freighter Hyperdrive ascent modules from appearing in a Space Station tech shops. • ⁠
  • Fixed an emanate where players could destroy to learn a Living Glass plans during a scold time.
  • Fixed an emanate where players could destroy to learn a Exocraft Boost plans during a scold time. • ⁠NipNip blueprints can now be acquired from a Base rancher after their idea sequence is complete.
  • Fixed an emanate where NPCs awarding procedurally generated ascent modules would name from an scantily pointless pool.
  • Fixed an emanate that prevented some doors + equipment that need Atlas Pass v1 from usurpation v2 or v3.
  • Adjusted a poise of wanted turn timers, so that a wanted turn decays as a timer does.


  • Improved a coming of a heavenly readout from space.
  • Added a new territory to a register object popup hinting during a item’s use.
  • Improved a visible feedback when collecting items, generally singular items. • ⁠Improved a content labels for armoured objects.
  • Added a filter for “Not Owned” to a Quicksilver Shop.
  • Fixed an emanate that would concede players to crop their existent swift while purchasing a new frigate.
  • Fixed a singular box where certain diversion inputs could temporarily destroy to be recognized if remapped afterwards reverted to defaults.
  • Prevented an erring boost idol appearing while piloting a Nautilon (on PS4 and Xbox One).

Bases and Buildings

  • Fixed an emanate preventing building multiples of storage enclosure 1 (on PS4 and Xbox One).

Planets and Discoveries

  • Fixed an emanate where impassioned continue planets could destroy to beget storms.
  • Improved a placement of ammonia and uranium on poisonous and hot planets.
  • Improved some research visor content descriptions.
  • Fixed an emanate where a turf pimp could destroy profitable objects.
  • Fixed an emanate where other players’ discoveries could forestall fauna and flora from being scanned with a research visor.
  • Added identifiable descriptors for all supernatural world types.
  • Fixed an emanate where apparatus crystals (eg Di-Hydrogen) could be rediscovered on each planet.
  • Fixed an emanate where many minerals would be called Yukovsite.
  • Allowed a flame to be used when exploring crashed freighters.


  • Fixed an emanate where exocraft customisation colours could be improper until rested in a customiser.
  • Fixed a digest emanate with oversized fungi.
  • Fixed an emanate where still objects could infrequently seem blurred.
  • ⁠Improved a pull stretch on some outlandish world objects.


  • Fixed some out of memory crashes.
  • Fixed a pile-up when quitting a diversion during a gesture.

No Man’s Sky is accessible now for a PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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