‘No Man’s Sky’ update: Unexplained messages hints during new portal presumably entrance from destiny updates

Hello Games is expectedly bustling perplexing to work on ways to urge “No Man’s Sky,” though a bit of a turn has been combined to a mix. The gaming association has reportedly sent out audio cassette tapes, a bit technical where usually a rare “portal” seemed to make clarity of it all. 

According to Eurogamer, Hello Games sent out cassette tapes associated to “No Man’s Sky.” As expected, some have attempted to make something out of them. To date, usually seven of a 16 tapes have been deciphered with any side carrying something.

Side A of the tapes had synth song while a settlement of twisted sound was found on side B. Using program to puncture even deeper, some were means to wrench out coded summary on a B-side – 706s7274616p. If a ROT13 transformation naught is applied, a hexadecimal value of 706f7274616c is returned. Converted into ASCII, it will give a word “portal.”

Deciphering the audio cassette tapes from Hello Games is still underway, and a early find hints during saying new portals non-stop for a space scrutiny game. Right now, many are wondering if this points to a new underline or even a new planet. Either way, it could engage destiny updates as Hello Games continues a efforts to work on “No Man’s Sky” improvements. 

With Hello Games expectedly clamming adult during slightest for now, saying a “No Man’s Sky” portal could assistance promote travel. Hello Games has stood on a guarantee to broach singular diversion locations, with transport a scandal for some. There are vehicles (remember a Pathfinder update?), yes, though calm in reaching other destinations could be a rubbish of time for most.

If ever a “portal” is a gateway, a subsequent thing that comes to mind is a aberration of a place where players would finish up. Recall that one of a categorical complaints is a repeated scenarios. Aside from that, there is also a diversion performance.

A lot has been addressed given then, though a intensity new underline could move in new issues with remarkable changes of diversion scenarios. Before jumping to conclusions, it would be best to wait and see until a Reddit folks are means to interpret and make something out of those 16 audio cassette tapes from Hello Games.

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