No Man’s Sky UPDATE: Reddit uncovers HUGE PS4 news entrance subsequent week

According to who initial reported a news progressing this morning:

“[It] Looks like there are a name series of Level 4 Atlas Passes that will be awarded to 10,000 applicants, though they’ll need to finish a petition and a handful of tasks before they’re deemed worthy.

“I mean, that’s a Beta, right? Only a name few dedicated players can enter, have to be dedicated, have to register and yield feedback. Oh, and an “internal memo” reveals that “Project Walking Titan” will be finish in August.

“Whatever it is, dedicated players can try and benefit entrance to Project Walking Titan on Jul 21 that is when we’ll all substantially find out what a ruin is going on.”

To know what this Beta could be, it’s value holding another demeanour during a summary from Hello Games trainer Sean Murray and that PDF statement.

It explained:

“It is critical to discuss that we are really vehement by a entrance Phases 2 and 3. Input from a Mercury Subroutine will pave a approach toward new practice in chronicle 1.3 of a informed universe.

“We demeanour brazen to a successful end of this ground-breaking experiment.”

What this new refurbish could entail is adult for debate, a new star to explore, multiplayer, something else? though all should be suggested in only a integrate of days on Jul 21st.

Whatever it is, all should be suggested in only a integrate of days on Jul 21st.

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