‘No Man’s Sky’ Update: Hello Games Struggles To Keep Up With Complaints, Releases 1.08 Patch Days After 1.07

Hello Games once again expelled a vast patch for “No Man’s Sky” final week in hopes of regulating a lot of issues with a action-adventure presence video diversion that have already caused discontented gamers to ask for refund.  But in a rare spin of events, a indie studio rolled out another patch days later, usually to be met with nonetheless another collection of complaints from players.

Just final Tuesday, Hello Games took to a official “No Man’s Sky” website to post a patch records for a game’s 1.07 update, that is pronounced to be a largest refurbish a developer has rolled out so distant given a launch of a title.

“No Man’s Sky” 1.07 refurbish brought a lot of fixes to several issues that influenced a altogether gameplay in some-more ways than one. In further to bug fixes, a refurbish also came with certain tweaks and improvements, like how players can simply indicate drifting creatures with a patch. Overall, Hello Games betrothed that a patch remedied 80 percent of what fans had requested and that a remaining 20 percent is still underway.

DSO Gaming also remarkable that a 1.07 patch addressed several issues that influenced a PC chronicle of a game. The gaming site forked out that one of a PC improvements has something to do with synchronising support capping with a initial vsync, adding that a patch was auto-downloadable from Steam.

Interestingly, it seems that a developers operative on a updates for a games are adult to speed that in a matter of days given releasing a 1.07 patch, a subsequent update, 1.08, went live starting on Sunday, Sept. 4.

The minute patch records or changelog for “No Man’s Sky” 1.08 is not out yet, though players are already pity what they beheld on checking out a uninformed patch, with one Reddit user opening a thread that claims a new patch comes with pile-up fixes as good as stability, visible cultured and space fight adjustments.

Sadly, notwithstanding a thread’s certain opening, it still contains complaints from players who speckled several problems with a update. For example, there is an entrance observant that some users have claimed that 1.08 indeed messed adult the Atlas paths on a galactic map. Another entrance mentions declining waypoints. Other complaints embody a blank orange line that shows a trail to a core and a problem with crashed boat waste interaction. Given all a issues, a user who started a thread wrapped it adult by observant that a 1.08 patch would many expected not be a final support patch for a week.

The 1.08 patch for “No Man’s Sky” comes dual days after Hello Games wrote a development update on a game’s central site to surprise players that it is listening delicately to a feedback they have been providing. The developer also betrothed that while a group is now operative on solution gaming issues, fans can design giveaway destiny updates to enhance and enhance a “No Man’s Sky” universe.

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